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Amelie Ryu, Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Amelie Ryu. I am currently a sophomore, and this is my first year in Journalism. To begin, I am very excited about this year and what it will bring. Last year, I was kind of bummed that my freshman year was all online, so I am looking forward to being back. I am currently an officer in the Key Club, and I am also involved in other clubs. My hobbies include soccer, art, traveling, violin, and collecting albums (I also love watching K-dramas). Through Journalism, I  hope to become a better writer and learn how writing can be fun. This year, the class that I am looking forward to the most is Studio Art AP and Art History AP. I heard that Art History can be a lot of work, so I am praying that I will pass, learn a lot about art, and have fun.


4.29.22 Update

Hey, how are you guys! I’m sure all of you are very busy as we get closer to finishing another school year. I sure am. I am studying for finals and AP exams. I have my Art History AP exam on May 6 and feel super nervous. This Friday, I also have to forward my portfolio for studio art. On top of it all, my finals for all my other classes are also coming up. It is hard to keep track of everything, but it will be all over soon. 

Today was the Golden League finals for swimming, and it was very exciting. Awake-A-Thon is coming up, and I can’t wait to see how it all pans out. I hope we can wrap up this school year well and have a great summer. I can not wait for summer; I love the vibe. 

I am nervous about the SAT prep that I will have to attend, however, I don’t want to worry about what will happen but what is happening. So if I keep doing well like now, I will be okay then, right? I hope all of you reading this do well on your finals and wrap up the school year well. We will miss you seniors!!

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