Missouri officer killed in shooting at a convenience store

In Missouri, the shooting at the convenience store started on March 12, 2023. At the convenience store, there were a few casualties. It seems that the shooting started with a 35-year-old man.

 During the shooting at the convenience store, there were two casualties. Both were police officers and were seriously injured during the event. They were sent to the hospital. However, one of the officers, Detective Sergeant Mason Griffith at the Hermann Police Department, had passed away due to his fatal wounds. The second officer, Adam Sullentrup, was still in critical condition but is now stabilized. 

The Highway Patrol claims that the shooting began when officers entered the convenience store to arrest Kenneth Lee Simpson for multiple warrants. An officer named Mike Mitchell said that he saw the officers get shot inside the store. However, it is unknown if the officers returned fire. The suspect believed to be Kenneth Simpsonran, was from the store and could not be located.

The warrant that Simpson was charged with was that he had committed many criminal acts. Charges include possession of drugs, weapons, assault, and property damage. He also did not attend court during a drug case about him.

The police searched locations where Simpson could be hiding. The suspect had barricaded himself in his home not far from the shooting.  Police surrounded the area and attempted to get Simpson to exit his home; however,  a tactical team had to enter the home. Officers were successful in taking  Simpson into custody.

 The whole community of Rosebud is mourning the loss of Detective Sergeant Mason Griffith; Stephanie Baker, an old friend of Griffith, said, “he was one of the good ones.”. Robert Koerber, the mayor, knew Griffith when he was first assigned. He said that Griffith was a trustworthy person and a very good policeman. Word on the street was that he was friendly toward people and interested in any problems.