New Netflix Restrictions has Users Infuriated


The streaming media company, Netflix, has recently announced their new rules and restrictions being implemented for their users, including not being able to share an account with other households and upping their monthly payment. Several users stated their hatred for these regulations on different social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, saying it is not worth it if there are more options they could switch to, such as Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and such.

Netflix used to be a well-respected streaming company known for not showing ads between their films and television series. Now it has required a user to pay extra money if they want to have their experience without pauses for advertisements. The price ranges from the lowest (being the basic plan with ads at $6.99 monthly) to the basic plan without ads at $9.99, the standard plan at $15.49, and the most expensive being the premium plan at $19.99. Netflix is a streaming platform that has been going on since 1997, and although it was expected that the platform would make changes, it was unaccepted by the general public. If they wanted to continue watching movies and shows on Netflix that could not be found anywhere else, like Netflix originals, this is the system they now have to deal with.

Another condition recently set by Netflix is not being able to share an account between several different households. It ensures that the only people sharing the account are all family and not just a bunch of people trying to trick their way through using the same account across various places. If a user would like to sign in to an account at a different location that is not in their home, they are meant to pay an extra amount to compensate for it. 

Additionally, something users found quite annoying was the requirement to relog into their accounts every month. The reason why Netflix began to implement this update was to avoid the issue of people forgetting their passwords. When a user forgets their password, they must go through the process of renewing it, which is often time-consuming, but forcefully needing to retype your password monthly refreshes a person’s memory and, therefore, not constantly forgetting. Because of this, several users found it annoying having to relog into their accounts every month.

Let’s hope Netflix gets their act together because if not, they will definitely be losing their subscribers—and fast.