Multimedia and visual imagery teacher Christopher Hall fell victim to a robbery last week. Four iMacs were stolen, and the fifth one was vandalized beyond the point of use. Many believe that this horrific incident took place on October 29th and that there were four culprits.

   When asked to describe the scene, Mr. Hall explained how everything seemed normal at first, except for a single light from a window over the front door. He said, “The windows are all painted over, so light never gets in.” Then, as he progressed through the room, the crime had become clear. “The entire front third of the classroom was covered in glass from the shattered window,” Hall explained. The perpetrators entered through the window above the front door, and they stole the computers.

   When asked whether anything of this multitude had ever happened before at Quartz Hill, Mr. Hall said it had not, and he added that an incident like this is extremely rare. “The damage that has been done is worth about twelve grand,” said Mr. Hall, who feels exposed and devastated by the event.

   “Of course the first feeling you have is a feeling of violation, almost like the sacred place you have and created has been altered, and that it is no longer sacred,” he described. “Then, you begin to understand over the next day or two what really was lost. Not only my perspective, but the students’ perspectives become very sad.”

   This incident had a significant impact on Mr. Hall and his students. Their courses have been delayed by a few weeks in an attempt to restore what has been lost. However, they plan to work through the hardships and to continue progressing forward.

   “Oh, I do not think there was really much of a reason to it,” Mr. Hall stated when asked why he believes this happened. “This was young adults simply knowing that equipment was in a certain region of the school, and knowing that they could probably get to it… There does not seem to be a great deal of planning that went into it.”

   It is sad that this event has happened at Quartz Hill High School, a place where many of us call home. Our hearts go out to Mr. Hall and his students. One cannot help but feel violated from this disheartening occurrence, and many ask whether this will happen again. The security and staff are working hard to make our campus a safe place for scholars to learn and become educated. Be wary and stay strong, Rebels. The robbers of Quartz Hill are only robbing their own home.