To Date or Not to Date


Picture by Sheehwa You

Andrew Vera and Jordan Theizen

Hugging, kissing, and excessive public displays of affection are typical factors of high school. The youngsters in love exchange heart-shaped candy boxes accompanied with roses and stuffed animals on Valentine’s Day, go to school dances together, and take comfort in the fact that they get to reunite with their significant other in their next period. These high school romances are usually looked upon with scorn and criticism. It is always brought up that the couple would never last and that the relationship itself is a frivolous waste of time. However, I believe that these young romances are not given as much credit as they deserve.

Although it may be argued that having a high school sweetheart can be a distraction and a waste of time, it grants the couple the gift of experience. The duo has been given the best first hand book of do’s and don’t’s for future relationships. They are exposed to the responsibilities of companionship, such as commitment, care, honesty, and attention, which are all beneficial for more serious relationships in adulthood. This investment of time in exchange for experience is a fair bargain.

Furthermore, if the student were not distracted by maintaining their boyfriend/girlfriend status, then they would surely be distracted by other things, such as electronics or striving to gain that status.

High school relationships are fun. Although they may be stereotyped as not lasting long, they serve as a great form of excitement and entertainment. Gifting and receiving Valentine’s Day grams are exhilarating, and going to school dances with a designated dance partner definitely beats going alone and sulking in the corner.Frankly, we all need help getting through the school day, so looking forward to seeing someone certainly helps.

Going out with someone is a fast track way of discovering yourself and others, an essential part of transitioning into an adult. You find your personal limits and capabilities, and gain confidence and the aforementioned responsibilities. This truly is worth more in life than getting perfect scores on every test and memorizing functions.

High school relationships are connotated with immaturity and are seen as frivolous, fragile, and annoying. Often, onlookers scoff and look the other way. However, the true value and benefits of these experiences are wrongly disregarded. Simply because it does not end in marriage does not mean that it has no worth. Teens are given the opportunity to have meaningful experiences, are taught the responsibilities of maintaining a healthy relationship, and can discover more about themselves and others.