Thirteen Reasons Why Review


WARNING: This article contains minor spoilers for Thirteen Reasons Why.

Based on the bestselling novel by Jay Asher, Thirteen Reasons Why has become a phenomenal success as a Netflix Original show.

The show touches on the sensitive topic of suicide and bullying. Usually, when you think of someone committing suicide, you wonder what one reason led them to do it. Hannah Baker was a bit different. She killed herself not because of one event or one person, but because of the acts of cruelty and betrayals that were caused by thirteen individuals. Many of the events that lead up to her alleged suicide may seem irrelevant to some people, but to Hannah, it was her life.

Before the night Hannah committed suicide, she recorded thirteen cassette tapes that explain what each individual did to her. As she takes you through her life story you can hear her trembling voice full of fear and sadness that will make you feel helpless. Clay Jensen, also known as Helmet, was Hannah’s only true friend. You would not expect him to be cruel like the rest of the individuals that were mentioned on the tapes, but soon realize all is not as it seems. Once Clay hits play, he hears Hannah’s voice for the very first time since her suicide. This scene literally brought a chill down my spine. Left astonished, Clay wonders why he is one of the thirteen individuals that lead Hannah to kill herself if he never did anything wrong to her. Similar to Clay, this story will leave you wondering if you have ever hurt someone in an act of carelessness.

This show has affected me deeply. It has made me think twice about even the smallest remarks. A comment that might take seconds to say can cause long-term damage, and before you know it, it’s too late to take it back. This bone chilling, mysterious show has made me want to be the best person possible to everyone around me, and it left me eager to find out what happens next.
I hope that Selena Gomez, executive producer of the show, is putting together another season because we were left with a cliffhanger and so many unanswered questions. If you are ever in need of a show that will leave you speechless and emotionally damaged, then this is the show for you.