Should We Have School Uniforms?

Picture by Sheehwa You

Clothing is a large distraction to our school life. Although it allows a student to have self-expression and choice, it is also an unnecessary waste of time and money and could lead to bullying and harassment. This is why school uniforms should be implemented.

Students spend hundreds to thousands of dollars yearly on clothing. Even though school uniforms may seem costly, they would eventually save students’ families a substantial amount of money. Parents would no longer have to spend cash on clothing for their kids to wear on school days, which adds up to about 180 days or half of the year.

Some students spend unnecessarily long amounts of time in front of the mirror deciding what to wear for the next day of school. This indulgence wastes time in the morning. With uniforms, there would be no need for extra planning. This saves time for other, more important things and helps guide students to come to school on time.

Although being allowed to choose their own clothing allows students to express their personality and interests, school is not a fashion show. We are essentially here for education and learning, not to show others our quirky style or to wear provocative clothing.

Furthermore, being able to choose our own clothing can lead to bullying or sexual harassment. Teens who cannot afford clothing from an expensive fashion line or have poor taste in style are subject to teasing and ridicule. Surely, you are familiar with the trend of pointing at someone’s shoes with an outstretched hand and asking, “What are thoooose?” Without this, the question of whether or not one fits in would no longer be determined by such materialistic values.

School uniforms have decreased bullying and sexual harassment in other schools. It was reported that the number of assaults decreased by 34% and sexual offenses dropped by 74% two years after a district-wide implementation of uniforms in Long Beach, California.

Uniforms (surprise, surprise) encourage uniformity within a school. It exudes the image of proper and pristine scholars ready to learn, whether that may or may not actually be the case, and delightfully screams school spirit in your face every day.

Although students may have less self-expression, school uniforms could save students time and money, discourage bullying and harassment, and exhibit uniformity and the will to learn. At high school, our priority should be to learn and become educated young adults, and by applying this new system, we would reach that goal more easily.