What Has the Quartz Hill Cheerleading Team Been up to?


Picture by Violet Mbela

By Dean Payne , Staff Writer

Many students have grown accustomed to the presence of the cheerleaders at every home football game.  However, students have seen less of the school’s peppy cheerleaders on campus since the end of the football season.  What many people don’t know is that the cheerleaders still perform at school rallies, assemblies, and outside competitions. However, with the school year coming to a close, these rallies and assemblies seldom occur.

Teagan Shibley, a varsity cheerleader and junior at Quartz Hill, mentioned, “We haven’t performed at any school games or events. The last time we performed was at the Winter Assembly.” The Winter Assembly was over three months ago.

Shibley added, “The cheer team is going to be performing at the Spring Assembly this upcoming Friday. But, we also have an outside of school competition this weekend and another one later in the month.” These competitions are highly competitive and many cheerleaders take them seriously. The cheerleaders often compete against other high schools, which are equally as motivated for a first-place victory.

The cheerleaders spend a lot of time practicing their performances in order to reach perfection. Varsity cheerleader Elisa Bartlett stated, “In order to practice for [the assembly and other competitions], we usually practice on Wednesdays and Sundays for two hours each day.”

The end of the year tends to be slower for the cheer team because there are not many sports that they may perform at.  The two most popular sports for cheerleaders are football and basketball, both of which end by the spring season. Currently, there is swimming, softball, baseball, and golf in season, but the cheerleaders are rarely seen at such events. So now you know that, while they might not be seen at weekly sports games, the cheerleaders are still going strong with various competitions and rallies to attend.