Top 10 Fun Spring Activities

Picture by Sheehwa You

By Sydney Smith, Staff Writer

Ah yes, spring is here. Not that you would be able to tell the difference since the weather here is always wack. Some days it feels like we are in Minnesota during the middle of January and others feel like we’ve entered the fifth circle of Hell. Either way, here are some spring activities that are fun for the whole family.

  1. Go Camping

People like camping, right? Why not leave the comfort of your home and stay the night in some random forest? What can go wrong? It’s not like a good portion of horror films are based on people dying in the woods, but hey, some people are into that.

  1. Go to the Beach

So you have two options, you can go when it’s freezing or when it’s scorching hot. Both sound miserable, but can you predict the weather?

  1. Hike

Now you can get out and do something without freezing! Well, maybe. Find a dirt road or a mountain to climb. This is great activity to do because we live so close to many dirt roads and mountains. It might be a good idea to watch the movie 127 Hours before the hike just in case you have to cut a limb off or something after a freak accident. Got to be prepared!

  1. Take a Bike Ride

Again, the weather change allows us to be more active. If you don’t feel like walking since you already have to walk to and from the Village classrooms 26 times during the week, you can always ride a bike! Don’t have one? Well… that sucks.

  1. Read a Book

If you’re anything like me, you may have some crazy allergies. If you aren’t able to leave your house without the flower pollen turning you into a popped water balloon, stay inside, make yourself some tea, and read the Fault in Our Stars while pretending it’s a good book.

  1. Go Kayaking

Don’t mind freezing water? Then go kayaking. It’s a great workout and there’s only a SLIGHT chance that you’ll fall out and drown.

  1. Start a Garden

If you’re bored and have the space to do so, you should start a garden. It’ll be fun for a bit, but eventually you’ll forget about it and let everything that you have planted die. Rest in peace.

  1. Have a Picnic

Love food? And the outdoors? Then do I have the activity for you! Grab a blanket, make some sandwiches, and sit and eat at your local park. Bask in the sunlight while your friends declare war on the crows trying to steal the food.

  1. Visit a Cafe

Because, you know, it’s not like you can do this any season, any time.

  1. Go Miniature Golfing

Not good at regular golf? Miniature golf is the way to go. All of the mistakes you make will be smaller because that’s how it works, trust me.