The Approaching AP Tests

By Layali Homod, Staff Writer

As the deadline for the AP test order forms continues to loom, so does the impending doom of the students of QHHS. AP testing is hastily approaching, and with that, so does the stress of cramming to study. With some students taking more than four AP exams, the month of May does not bring the satisfaction of spring, only the fear of failing.

Ryan Kachold, the AP director, has insisted on consistently notifying AP students to turn in their AP Test Order Forms before it is too late. Mr. Kachold has sent seven consecutive announcements to the “2019 Quartz Hill High School AP Program” Google Classroom Group in the past 33 days, informing students about the AP Test Order Forms. Mr. Kachold encourages students to turn in their forms early, asking students to “please get [their] AP Test Order Forms submitted sooner rather than later.” Despite Kachold’s encouragement, the inevitable cannot be avoided.

The Disneyland-esque line on the last day to turn in AP Test Order Forms is not something to be taken lightly for Quarts Hill’s AP students. With the deadline of March 15th, the majority of students either ignore or forget about their order forms. Oftentimes, students wait until the last day to turn in their forms. As a result, the line after school on March 15th typically extends from the accounting office out the library doors. Although, the “3:00 P.M.” deadline never seems to hold up, as students are often left waiting in line, clutching their forms and money for a decent amount of time before they get their chance to turn them in. Students can be in line until 4:00 P.M., as Mrs. Foster, who runs the accounting office, tries her best to get everything in.  

With so many kids now taking AP exams in May, it is best to heed the advice of Mr. Kachold and turn in those order forms early. While Mrs. Foster does not necessarily close down shop at exactly 3:00 P.M., it is best not to be one of the desperate AP students anxiously waiting in line.