NFL Colin Kaepernick’s Second Chance?

By Patrick Park, Staff Writer

The last time Colin Kaepernick played an NFL game was in 2016. However, he could be getting another chance to play. Colin Kaepernick played at the University of Nevada where he was named Western Athletic Conference Offensive Player of the Year twice and was the only player to pass 10,000 passing yards and 4,000 rushing yards in a career. Kaepernick then proceeded to be drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 2011, then leading them to a Super Bowl title. He could be considered a huge offensive threat. With a height of six feet and four inches, Colin Kaepernick is a very tall figure for a quarterback and also has the mobility that many quarterbacks lack.

Colin Kaepernick’s exit from the NFL was a controversial one. He disappeared from the NFL after kneeling during the National Anthem before several games. This received many mixed reactions. Some praised him for his fight against racism, while others condemned him for such actions. President Donald Trump even spoke out against Colin Kaepernick, saying that the NFL should fire players who kneel during the National Anthem. Kaepernick’s career ended as he became a free agent in 2017. After no other teams signed him, Kaepernick filed a grievance against the NFL claiming they were preventing other teams from signing him. However, this grievance was withdrawn after he reached a confidential settlement. Colin Kaepernick was not alone in his stand against racism. Panthers safety Eric Reid also kneeled during his time with the 49ers. Eric Reid made a plea to the Carolina Panthers after their current quarterback, Kyle Allen threw four interceptions. 

Kaepernick now has another chance to play with an NFL team, as he recently showed his workout in front of scouts from several different NFL teams. During the workout, it was shown that despite not playing for a couple of years, Kaepernick still had the arm talent to play. Now, the real question is: is there a team that is interested? 

Some NFL teams could be potentially interested in signing Kaepernick judging by their current quarterback situation. Teams such as the Chicago Bears and the Denver Broncos look like they need a good quarterback this season. Mitchell Trubisky for the Chicago Bears has not been doing good this season and only seems to be dragging the team down. The Denver Broncos seemed to find themselves lost after Peyton Manning’s retirement. Joe Flacco has currently taken the position of Broncos’ quarterback. However, Joe Flacco has not shown signs of becoming the Broncos’ main quarterback thus far. Joe Flacco played for the Baltimore Ravens for about 10 years, winning one Super Bowl title. Although many other teams could possibly sign Kaepernick, these two teams seem to be the most desperate to find a starting, veteran quarterback.