Power of the Pencil

By Ashlee Guardado and Syed Islam

Traditional Art is Better Than Digital Art


Art has been around for thousands of years. During the caveman era, drawings used to be done on walls. Nowadays, people can begin to draw on a VR game. With new advancements in technology, digital art has a place in the creative genre. Although digital art indeed looks phenomenal, traditional art remains the best option for drawing.


Traditional art is art made in physical form without using electronics. Remember grabbing a crayon and scribbling random items on a piece of paper or a wall? Well, you were drawing the traditional way! The absolute BEST way to create art.


First of all, it looks more genuine compared to its digital counterparts. Drawings done on paper can express an artist’s raw talent and skills better. Digital art includes effects and tools that can make drawing easier. Using these tools takes away the amazement from the artwork and makes it less impressive compared to someone who drew with writing utensils. 


Secondly, shading and adding details to a drawing done on paper looks more phenomenal than doing those similar works on an art program. The details on a paper illustration tend to stand out and make the piece more visually pleasing. Meanwhile, the little details do not pop out as much on digital drawings, and the shading is unremarkable. Traditional work does not have a button that someone could press to include shading – artists put time and effort into shading, which makes it spectacular.


Believe what you want, but traditional will always be superior compared to digital.


Pencils: The Superior Writing Utensil


Writing has played a very significant role throughout the history of our civilization. And, even as our technology has evolved, pens and pencils are the most popular tools when it comes to handwritten writing. Many people might be inclined to believe that a pen is the best tool for writing; however, a pencil is superior.


The main reason that pencils are a cut above pens is because you can erase your mistakes. Pencils almost always come with an eraser on the back that is used if any errors are made while writing. Pens don’t have this feature, and instead, punish mistakes by making them permanent. Humans will always make mistakes, whether it’s significant or minor. Mistakes are proof of development because they are learning opportunities. Pencils allow people to correct their errors, whereas pens simply penalize you and don’t allow you to learn from the mistake because you’ve already made a mistake. The importance of fixing it is simply lost since no changes can be made.


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