No Theaters, No Problem

By Diego Caceres, Staff Writer

Sometimes reality is one hard pill to swallow. Movie theaters take that stupid pill and chuck it out the window. They transport audiences from a dull reality into exciting stories that spark imaginations and tug on heartstrings. Sadly, sitting inches away from crying children and annoying teenagers is the opposite of a socially-distanced environment. How am I going to watch Trolls World Tour now? Luckily, there are other options for watching movies, but deciding on the best one is difficult.


Mobile phones, tiny bricks with even tinier screens, have some good qualities for movie watching. They have a screen, automatically making it a good contender in the race. Phones can access streaming services and movies from anywhere and in the palm of your hand. Phones can be taken on long car rides without the hassle of lugging around a TV. While the phone is great for transportation, that’s all I can say about the little guy in terms of movie watching. It’s incredibly small (have I mentioned that?) and isn’t a good option if you want to immerse yourself in the movie. If you don’t want to hold the phone in your hands for hours, you need to prop it against something. How pathetic! You can watch movies anywhere, but a good experience is not guaranteed.


Laptops and computers are the next best options. The screens are bigger and sit on flat surfaces without falling over. Sounds great! Most laptops and computers play DVDs without having to sell your soul to a streaming service. Watching movies on a laptop or computer in a dark room with headphones is the way to go for complete immersion. Although laptops and computers are a great option, they lack the size for more than one person, leaving you with no shoulder to cry on when you finish Chicken Little.


The best option to replace theaters during quarantine is a TV. If you haven’t already guessed, my logic is “the bigger the better” (assuming your household TV is bigger than a laptop/computer). What else beats the grand display of a television? Televisions have loudspeakers just like a theater. If your family bothers you, just turn up the volume to drown them out. With an even bigger screen, a TV accommodates multiple people for group movie nights. TVs capture the essence of movie theaters without the hassle of leaving your home. The next time I want to watch a movie, my couch is only a few steps away.