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Diego Caceres, Editor-in-Chief

Reading through online bios from years past, I start to think, “What does it matter? What does it matter if my online bio isn’t perfect? What does it matter if I can’t think of anything to say? What does it matter?” It shouldn’t matter. But, it does to me. 

What people think matters to me. As a writer, I strive to be inspiring and authoritative; a writer commanding attention; a writer who, after dragging your attention through every grassy field and muddy puddle, can rest easy knowing the audience was gripped. I can’t write like that. And, I don’t want to. 

My name is Diego Caceres, and I write for myself. I write about Infinity Train because I love it. I write about Ghibli for comfort. Likely the only people who read my articles are myself and myself. But, that’s okay. I write what I want to write about. And, I love it.


4.29.22 Update

Hey Royals, I am currently overwhelmed by homework. I stay up until eleven every night, yet still find lingering assignments.

In biology, I have fallen behind. I worry about my A- like a mom does for her teenager. Even last night, I jolted awake to a loud thud. I trembled out of bed, gripped my pocket knife, and inched downstairs—only to find my biology grade slipping through the window.

Despite all the worrying, I know everything will work out. I persevere until Sunday—my day to play Splatoon 2, watch the next episode of Arcane, and do nothing. Sometimes I slip and squander homework time watching Youtube. But I know after AP tests, I can relax and play all the Splatoon 2 I desire.

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