In the Spirit of Autumn

By Jada Hikary, Anicia Aguilar, and Melissa Canales

Fall is the Best Season

Orange and red hues, sweet cinnamon apples, sweaters. Fall, the best season of all, is upon us. 

As we finally get a break from summer’s deadly heat, it’s important to appreciate the beautiful force that Autumn will bring to us. Finally, we can bathe in the comfort of sweatshirts and enjoy our favorite pumpkin-flavored beverages.  

Fall’s overall aesthetic in conjunction with its cooler weather allows it to stand out amidst the blandness of the other seasons. The decorations associated with the season are some of the most extravagant with their perfectly contrasting colors. It also sports the best fashion by far with this years’ trends of leather jackets and blazers.
As we transition into this new season, don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor Fall. Whether it be trying a pumpkin latte or just watching a red leaf, Autumn is the light at the end of 2020’s tunnel. This apocalyptic year is somehow already coming to a close but thanks to fall, we don’t have to hate every moment of it. 


Weighted Blankets Make Other Blankets Obsolete

Weighted blankets have been around for a while, but they have certainly increased in popularity over time. I was recently able to purchase one, and I’m a bit sad that I couldn’t get one sooner since it has helped me get a good night’s sleep from the first day.

The blankets themselves vary in weight, but they are usually between 10 to 30 pounds. Eleesha Lockett, MS, from Healthline, writes, “The pressure from the extra weight mimics a therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation.” Deep pressure stimulation is a way to relax the nervous system, helping with disorders such as anxiety, autism, and ADHD.

I have trouble sleeping and can get anxious, so my own experience with this blanket has certainly helped with those issues. Usually, it takes me a couple of hours to fall asleep, but now I just put on music and get under the blanket, and I’m asleep within the next couple of minutes. My blanket is 20 pounds and, even though it’s a little heavy, it prevents me from moving around like I usually do, which I find calming. It is much more comfortable than all my other blankets, as unexpected. Despite my great experience with this product, I cannot speak for everyone, but I recommend trying it out. People who have trouble falling asleep should try sleeping with a weighted blanket: it is worth it.


The Leaves Aren’t Falling, but My Candles are Calling

Even with only a few weeks until the start of autumn, the weather seems to be in stubborn defiance to the change of seasons. It is infuriating. Nonetheless, it is September, and I have, rightfully, brought out my candles. However, not just any candle will do if you want the full, Pinterest-worthy fall experience; you need to buy cinnamon candles.


Frankly, I don’t understand why you’ve ever bought another type of candle. Grandma’s kitchen? Honey, that scent will be very different depending on whether we’re at my house or yours. Passion fruit? I’m sorry, but I’m trying to relax, not torture myself by fantasizing about a dream vacation I’ll never take. Caramel seems pleasant enough until you remember that your family would end up battling over how to correctly pronounce “caramel” and, well, where’s the relaxation in that?


Cinnamon, meanwhile, boasts not only a non-controversial pronunciation but also a variety of mixed scents. I, for instance, recently purchased apple cinnamon and vanilla cinnamon candles. Though they both have the essential cinnamon scent, they are incredibly different and equally comforting. With these candles at hand, I can ignore the threat of global warming and enjoy a few hours of a perfect autumn day.