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Anicia Aguilar

Anicia Aguilar, Staff Writer

Hi, everyone! My name is Anicia Aguilar and I’m currently a senior at Quartz Hill High School. This is my first year in journalism, which I know is late, but I still look forward to writing articles for fellow students to read. During this crazy time, I’m usually stressing about homework or watching Netflix and Youtube to destress myself from said work. My interests are a bit scattered, but I love to be involved in the community, as I’m currently a political leader for Sunrise LA Youth (SLAY) and have committed my time to similar projects.


9.28.20 Update

Hi again! Right now, I’m currently trying to finish Parks and Recreation before it leaves Netflix on October 1st. I don’t really know if this is an unpopular opinion, but I definitely like this show more than The Office. Anyways, besides that, I’ve helped lead a couple of political team meetings for an organization I am involved in-- SLAY (Sunrise LA Youth)-- making my usual three periods a day seem more like four. On the subject of school, I think it is going alright, except for the occasional technical difficulties. If it isn’t clear by now, this update has no direction. I’m a little tired and will now be heading to sleep. Stay safe, everyone!


2.1.20 Update

Sadly, winter break is over. I hope everyone had a fun and safe time, though! I don’t remember anything exciting about my holiday since I stayed inside and finished college applications while watching random shows and movies. During the first days of break, I rewatched The Mandalorian from the beginning, and I’m counting down the days until season 3! After that, I focused on Narcos and Narcos: Mexico. Both of the shows were enjoyable, and I found the downfalls of Pablo Escobar and Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo deeply entertaining. I hope everyone continues to be safe and keeps going strong! Only one more semester to go!

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Anicia Aguilar