Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Speaks Of Off-Season Troubles

By Angelina Joleen Tayama Reyes-Chavez, Staff Writer

As many of you may know, September is a very important month for many people. September is a month that is used to bring awareness to suicide. Suicide or suicidal thoughts are something many people have to deal with, even if we do not know what they are going through. It is an important matter that should be addressed instead of ignored.


Earlier this month, Dallas Cowboy, Dak Prescott, took to the press and reminded us all that even major athletes are people too and deal with many of the same issues that we do. In an interview with Graham Besinger, he opened up about how he has been dealing with the stress that the COVID-19 restrictions are causing on his life. He explained that during the quarantine he started to feel emotions that he had never felt before and that these emotions were confusing to him. The “main” emotion Prescott was feeling was the feeling of anxiety, which he couldn’t quite place a finger on. Though he couldn’t figure out why he was feeling this way, he explained that it caused him to slip into a depression.


While talking about this, he also opened up to Besinger about his brother’s– Jace Prescott– death. Jace Prescott passed away on April 23rd. His death, which was previously known to the public as an unknown cause of death was actually a suicide. The quarterback explained that his father had informed him that his brother shot himself at the age of 31. Prescott talked about how he realized that he would never get to see or hold his brother again and how he felt like he had failed his brother in some way. He talked about how his brother definitely had a lot of troubles, but he had never thought that it would lead to this. People with suicidal thoughts do not always show signs and symptoms. All you can do is be there for everyone as much as you can.


The quarterback explained that he wanted to open up about his life off the field in order to bring awareness to this sensitive topic as it is something that many people, including celebrities, have gone through. Kindness goes a long way and he wanted to remind everyone that there is always help out there even if you feel like there is none. He says that his brother’s death has pushed him out of his slump and has pushed him to spread awareness about this issue.