Ways to Spend the Holidays During COVID

By Brian Kim, Staff Writer

December is in full swing, which means the Christmas season is here. However, due to the rise in COVID cases and state-mandated lockdowns, several Christmas activities and traditions will need to be halted, leading to different ways of celebrating Christmas. The coronavirus can affect routine Christmas recreations, such as gift shopping, spending time in public to watch the lighting of the city Christmas tree, or eating outside.


Although such activities are limited this month due to the pandemic, different approaches exist to safely celebrate and enjoy Christmas. In terms of gatherings, reunions can still occur as long as they are carried out with the small bubble of friends each family has decided to let into their home. Other measures, like mask-wearing and consistently washing hands, could also decrease the risk of getting the virus from other family members or friends. Another crucial factor in guaranteeing a safe and fun occasion for Christmas with family would be to withhold from inviting individuals who have been exposed to the coronavirus.


People must consider several precautions if food or beverages will be consumed at the gathering. It is essential to wear a mask during the meal preparations, especially during Christmas, where most attendees will be eating the same food. It would also be rational to make sure that everyone washes their hands with soap and water whenever necessary and use hand sanitizer as much as possible. Another vital safety measure would be to make sure that only one person wearing a mask serves the meals so that a minimal amount of people touch the food and utensils. Since families should only stick to small gatherings this year, they should make sure that they are considering their house space to invite a small, safe number of people.


Additionally, suppose a physical gathering would be too risky for the family. In that case, several methods exist to carry out this type of Christmas activity. For example, apps like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or Facetime allow family members and relatives to talk to each other and eat without putting their safety at risk. Although circumstances for this Christmas may be different and challenging to overcome, maintaining the proper safety precautions or virtually meeting is crucial to keeping everyone safe and comfortable, which is the most important part of this holiday season.