On Relationships

By Lynn Lee and Evelyn Paulino

The Bigger, The Better

Children are responsible for bringing chaos and craziness into everyday lives. However, having more kids is the key to happiness. Despite the chaos and craziness, larger families are the best.

There are many advantages to having a bigger family; for example, if children are bored, they can play with their siblings. Moreover, even if two siblings do not want to play with each other, there are “back-up” siblings with whom they can play. Also, large families can play family games such as Monopoly, hide-and-seek, or baseball together. 

While others may disagree, hand-me-downs are useful. Cute clothes that do not fit one sibling can be given to a new owner and another after that. Furthermore, parents can get their money’s worth out of each outfit. Also, if the clothes are nice, siblings will be appreciative.

Another reason why larger families are better includes children improving their social skills. Being outgoing and bright can be beneficial for children in the future. Through siblings, children learn how to be team players, thankful, possess empathy, and solve disputes.

Not only are larger families advantageous towards children, but parents can receive more support from their children. Once older, parents can rely on multiple children.

In conclusion, the bigger, the better. Although children bring chaos and craziness, they also bring love, happiness, and joy.


Flowers on Valentine’s Day

From my own experience, buying your loved ones a bouquet on Valentine’s Day is just a waste of money. Although I will admit that flowers are a very beautiful in-the-moment gift, their beauty is only temporary. Even if you store the cut flowers in a vase filled up with water, they always start to shrivel up within only a matter of days of purchasing them. If you are giving someone a Valentine’s Day gift to express how much you love and care for them, it does not make sense to give them flowers that were already dead before you even paid for them. To me, not only are you gifting someone a dead organism, but it also expresses that your love is as temporary as the flower’s beauty.