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Evelyn Paulino, Staff Writer

Hey guys! How’ve you been? My name is Evelyn (as you may or may not know), but you probably know me as one of your everyday procrastinators. I’m a sophomore at Quartz Hill and this is my first year in Journalism. Other than sleeping and eating, I love to go thrifting, travel and listen to music. If you ever see me around in the outside world, just give me a shout and we could have a pretty fun, and socially distanced, time!


9.28.20 Update

During the past couple of months since online school has started, I have mainly been busy with taking care of my dogs and barely getting all of my homework done. I spend some of my free time trying to catch up on watching The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, but I mostly just rewatch old shows and movies. I’m glad that most of the school clubs that I’m involved with have started hosting meetings through Google Meets. I was even able to complete a service project for Key Club without having to leave my house! My family had started a DIY remodeling project on our kitchen a while back, and we are so close to finally finishing. We have been sanding down and painting all of the cabinets white, and it’s actually looking pretty good. Things have been kind of chaotic, but it is fun being able to stay in bed for most of the day!



Throughout winter break, I spent a lot of time fixing my sleep schedule and mindlessly scrolling through my phone while some television show was playing in the background. It was nice to have a bunch of free time to relax and take a break from online classes and schoolwork. My family went on a road trip to see some really crazy Christmas house decorations. Some of the yards were completely covered in lights that were synchronized with music! At one point, we got lost in the middle of nowhere, but it was still entertaining. I went on a few Zoom calls with my grandparents and cousins to celebrate birthdays and holidays, so it was nice to see and talk to them. So far, school has not been too difficult or stressful, and I am hoping that it stays that way!

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