Cats or Dogs? (Once and For All)

Cats Make The Best Pets — Preslee Adams

Animals are undoubtedly the foundation to all of the best functioning families, but cats are by far the best pet of all. Though many would argue that dogs show immense loyalty and have more playful traits, cats have just as similar of traits as dog lovers prefer, and possibly even more.

To begin, cats are extremely low maintenance and completely self-sufficient. Besides the minimal caretaking tasks that come with cats such as changing their litter and giving them food, maintaining their basic needs is not a huge hassle. Contrary to dogs, there is no having to clean the yard or remembering to let the dog out every few hours because cats take care of themselves!

Furthermore, cats are typically the quietest pets. There is no having to deal with barking at every stranger that walks by because cat meows are much more bearable and quiet.

Finally, cats make better companions than any other animal. Cats desire companionship from their owners, but without the constant neediness of their dog counterparts. Cats are content as long as they can be near you.

Despite the long-debated topic, I can say with complete confidence that cats are by far the best home companions. Their self-sufficiency and constant love are just small factors in making them the best pets ever.


Which is the better pet? Cats vs dogs — Amelie Ryu

Are cats or dogs the better pet? The answer is obvious. It is definitely dogs. Dogs can just make you feel less alone, and they actually play with you. Cats only have a certain amount of affection to a point, but after that, they get bored very quickly. On the other hand, dogs are like your best companion and will still hang out with you and bring you happiness until the end.  Another plus of having dogs is that dogs do not need litter boxes. I know, obvious, right? But I mean, who wants to have a big cat litter box in their homes? 

For me, another major thing is that dogs WILL protect you and actually care about you. Just look at a cat’s instinct; if danger arises, cats will most likely run away and hide for their sake. Dogs, though, will stand their ground and try to protect you by all means. In the end, dogs are better than cats in many ways, even for your health!


Dogs Rule and Cats Drool (Wait…) — Sara Davis

Dogs are one-hundred percent better than cats. Dogs are creatures that are full of love, incredibly loyal, and fun to be around. 

They come in sizes ranging from only four pounds all the way to three-hundred forty-three pounds. You could pick an adorable dog that fits in your fashionable clutch. Then, you would have the capability of bringing your pet into the grocery store with you. On the other hand, you could choose a massive, loyal dog that will fight off a mountain lion for you! 

There are so many radical and sublime names you could give to a dog. You could pick a dog that runs at forty miles per hour so that you could name the dog after a zebra. You could even name your dog Led Zeppelin because it will surely give you a “Whole Lotta Love.” 

In the end, a dog will be your rad best friend through and through.