Seasonal Love

Cold Weather vs. Hot Weather — Sabrina Redifer

There are three different types of weather. Cold, hot, and somewhere in between. Now, to be honest, my favorite is ‘somewhere in between.’ Not too cold, not too hot, but just the perfect amount of breeze. But for the purpose of this argument, cold weather is just a thousand times better than warm weather.

Now, why is this? There are many perks to cold weather, including, but not limited to, snow. There are tons of activities that we can enjoy in the snow. People of all ages can enjoy the strenuous operation that is snowman building. I mean, a snowman is literally just three balls of snow, so why is it so hard to make?

People can also go skiing and snowboarding in the snow, as well as sledding. There’s nothing like the thrill of frantically dodging a tree before you crash face-first into it and break your nose. 

Also, in cold weather, people can enjoy hot drinks, like hot chocolate, so much more than they are able to in hot weather. There’s nothing like sitting by the fire on a cold winter night, enjoying a warm and comforting drink from your favorite mug.

Lastly, clothes are perhaps the number one reason that cold weather is better than warm weather. Yes, the clothes. I think most of us can agree that winter clothes are cuter, more comfortable, and easier to wear than summer clothes. You can basically throw any big coat over jeans and a shirt and call it a day. But you can also wear a comfortable lazy outfit like sweatshirts and sweatpants without suffocating in the heat. And, if you dress cute in cold weather, you can feel like the most invincible person in the world—like no one can reach your level in your cute boots and puffy jacket.

These are just some of the many reasons why cold weather is a thousand times better than warm weather. And unless you enjoy the feeling of your thin clothes sticking to your sweaty body while you’re dying in the classroom where the air conditioner is broken, I can conclude that we all agree that cold weather is the best.


Is Fall the Best Season? — Nilesh Kumar

As fall weather begins to set in, the change in seasons are on people’s minds. Some may love the colder weather that is to come, while others may resent it, hoping for the warmer days. Fall is the best season of the year, as it is the “Goldilocks” time of the year, depending on where you are. The mostly harmonious balance of chilly, sunny, and cloudy makes it the perfect season for fashion as well, as it encourages layers as well as beautiful earth tones. In earlier seasons like summer and spring, the weather is too warm to wear multiple layers, while fall is the perfect time for adding more clothes to express oneself. 

Many would also describe fall as simply a beautiful season. As the leaves brown and begin to “fall,” the orange, brown, and red environment creates memorable experiences. Also, the time of the year being right around the holidays contributes to a nostalgic feeling, in which people share many of their best moments during this time. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year are some of the most celebrated holidays during fall and winter, with fall serving as a reminder of these warm experiences. In all, fall is one of the best seasons of the year, and we should all be excited to experience fall traditions yet again.


Winter, Without A Doubt, Is Better Than Summer — Amelie Ryu

Now that the weather is getting colder, you might have wished to go back to summertime. As if! We have to get excited about winter!

Winter is so much better than summer, considering all of its aspects, like clothing and festivities. First of all, when you are hot during the summer, you can’t really do anything about it attire-wise. You have to remain in your sweaty and oily state. Nobody likes being sweaty. But if you are cold, you can layer your clothing all you want and get warmer while still looking cute. In the summer, most people only wear basic t-shirts and shorts, while in the winter, you can wear long pants, sweats, sweaters, jackets, coats, and much more. There are also way more accessories like scarves, beanies, and mittens. Individuals who do not like showing their bodies can also cover up during winter. Girls can take a break from shaving! (Nobody wears shorts in the cold, right?)

During winter, we also have one of the world’s most celebrated holidays: Christmas. Who doesn’t like Christmas? With all the gifts, food, and spirit, everyone is in a good mood. The winter vibes and aesthetics are just so comforting, and you can be with your loved ones. Imagine yourself drinking hot chocolate in front of a warm fire, watching movies with your family. This feeling could never be replicated in the summer. In general, most people can agree that winter is better than summer.