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Sabrina Redifer

Sabrina Redifer, Staff Writer

Hello everyone, my name is Sabrina Redifer. I am a sophomore at QHHS and a two-year varsity golfer. This is my first semester in Journalism, and I am grateful for this opportunity to improve my writing skills as well as share my opinions and interests. Outside of Journalism, I take AP and honors classes and participate in a few school clubs. My hobbies include listening to music, playing piano, reading, and taking an unhealthy amount of naps. During the final stretch of this school year, I hope to ace all of my classes, pass my AP tests, and write engaging articles that I will be proud to share with all of you.


4.29.22 Update

It hasn’t been long since I wrote my first ever Journalism Bio. Alas, here I am again. Not much has changed. The days left in the school year have been going by faster and faster. And that means AP exams are closer than ever. Although I will only be taking two this year, they will be my first AP exams of high school, and, of course, I am very nervous. But after exams, there are finals, and after finals is summer. 

I plan to go on vacation with my family during the summer as well as volunteer and attend summer school at AV College. I hope that I’ll be able to enjoy myself one last time before the start of my hectic junior year.

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Sabrina Redifer