Faculty Spotlight! The Inspirations of Coach Reed


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” said Maya Angelou. No one exemplifies this quote better than our swim coach, Brian Reed. He’s beloved by many on our campus and has proven to be an enormous inspiration in their lives.

Coach Reed’s journey at Quartz Hill High School started in January 2013 when he became the swim coach. He also spent some time during August of 2013 working and helping the football team with their stats. Being with Quartz Hill for a decade, he has enjoyed the years he has spent with the students of our school. Along with acting as the swim coach of Quartz Hill High School, he has recently become a permanent physical education teacher here on campus. 

Coach Reed said his favorite part about being a swim coach is his interactions with the kids and seeing them grow with the sport and gain confidence. He also noted that he enjoys it when his students come back to update him to see how they have grown as a person. Many of his students look up to him as a role model and a friend they can trust. 

Coach Reed is genuinely dedicated to his work; in his free time, he hangs out with his family, including his five kids. He also runs his own swim club, Renegade, and devotes all of his time and energy to teaching and working with swimmers. He follows one motto: “Never fear anybody but always respect everybody.” 

Former and current swim captains Isabelle Drossel and Ethan Howell and current swimmer Kylee Skelton revealed that their first impressions of Coach Reed were that they were all intimidated by him. Each said that getting to know him showed his kind and hard-working character. Even though he challenges them, they respect him for doing so because it pushes them to do better. Numerous of his students have known him from a young age and say that Coach Reed is like a second father figure to them. 

His current colleagues that work alongside him as swim coaches also say that they think he is very passionate about his work. “He’s great at what he does,” Coach Hayley Reed said, “we’ve been married 19 years, and I still learn new things about him as a coach.” Coach Reed says he loves working with Coach Hayley; she gives him the flexibility and freedom to help his swimmers and students in a way that he believes is beneficial. Working with Coach Reed is never a restricting experience. 

In my short time at Quartz Hill High School, Coach Reed has become a pivotal role model in my learning and swimming experience. Thank you, Coach Reed!