Faculty Spotlight: The Lovable Señora Reyes

Faculty Spotlight: The Lovable Señora Reyes

Learning a new language can be difficult, but Señora Reyes makes it seem like a walk in the park. With her fun ways of teaching and presenting topics to the class and learning a language like Spanish, it is never a dull moment in her class, and she always strives to do better and better every year. She brings a smile to everyone’s face and makes sure we all laugh a little. Just see how much she enjoys dressing up for Halloween and all of the fantastic costumes she has done!

Her journey as a teacher began in 2002 at Santa Cruz after graduating from the University of Santa Cruz at the top of her class. She taught briefly and moved from school to school until 2007 at Quartz Hill High School, where she has remained since. You may not believe it, but she has taught all five levels of Spanish in her entire teaching career here. Beginning with teaching at Spanish 1, she has gone higher and higher and currently teaches Spanish 3 Honors, AP Spanish Language and Culture, and AP Spanish Literature and Culture. I was lucky enough to have her for three years because she had previously taught Spanish 2 Honors before switching to Spanish 3 Honors after the 2020-21 year. Señora Reyes is also the department chair of World Language at our school and is always running around. 

In addition to her classes, she is also the advisor for our Spanish Club and QHHS Folklorico team. She is always happy to help them and is very involved in activities. Whenever she has the time, she loves talking about how amazing they are after performances and events like Culture Fest or Dia de Los Muertos. Recently, she has also picked up learning a new language, Italian. Sometimes you may hear her speak a bit of Italian in her class. She also enjoys relaxing at home with her family and mischievous dogs, if possible. Another hobby she brings up at the beginning of the school year is her love for running. So if you ever challenge her to a race, she might beat you and leave you in the smoke.

Her motivation for teaching stems from her love of languages and her ability to communicate with more people. She said, “I enjoy making connections with students and creating memories for them. If I can plant a seed to strive for more – I am being successful.” Every day she makes time to talk to her students about their day and anything fun they did. Honors and AP are complicated and serious subjects at times, but she continuously checks up on her students and makes assignments not too dull. She tries to be creative when giving lessons, whether making a PSA about issues in our world or a fun music video. Another aspect of her teaching is bringing up some of her life experiences as an immigrant and how she was raised. It makes the topics we discuss more natural and something we should be caring about and thinking about in her AP classes.

Señora Reyes is one of the best teachers in this school and works hard to make sure we can take what we learned from her and apply it to our future. So if you ever take her class or see her talking “chisme” with Mrs. Benavides, savor every moment because she genuinely brings so much light and positivity to everyone. Thank you for everything you do, Señora Reyes!