America’s Thoughts on Violence: Blame Music and Art

By Kennedy Starr

By Kennedy Starr

Every generation has its own sound. This sound enrages parents and scares the federal government.

 In 1956 Elvis went on Ed Sullivan, and they refused to show him from the waist down. Beatlemania sent parents into a frenzy because they had long(ish) hair. The hippies of the 70s preached free love, while bands like Alice Cooper shocked the audience with snakes and various guillotine tricks. 

The news blasts that the music is tainting our teens and encouraging them to act violently. They said, “Shock rockers are encouraging devil worship, anti-government messages, and violent acts and will not be tolerated,” 

Throughout my life, the only thing that stayed with me is music, movies, and art. As the world gets darker and hotter, lawmakers don’t change a thing. They want to blame video games for gun violence being the #1 cause of child deaths in America. And not the lax gun laws they enforce while giving platforms to those who carry out these attacks. 

Every day I turn the news on, there’s a murder in this town, a mass shooting in that school, and a former president getting arrested. Every day as American citizens, we are subjected to violence on the nightly news. Yet somehow, it’s Marilyn Manson’s fault Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 13 people in their school. 

Why can’t the “adults” in this country do something? Why must they censor rock music and scare their children with forced religion? Parents should teach their children to appreciate and understand these art forms instead of casting them away. 

The more the world tries to censor or hide something, the more it attracts people. If someone told me this band should be outlawed for their outrageous behavior, I would march into the world and buy their CD. 

We consume violence daily. As American citizens, we are desensitized to it. It is routine to see a robbery on tv or a police officer misusing their power and taking someone’s life. We see depression rates rising and teens more miserable. 

Preachers will send “thoughts and prayers” to the victims and continue reinforcing hateful ideology. I am so tired of accepting death and tragedy, while the people who actually have the power to do something consistently do not help. 

Music and art are integral parts of this world. Without them, the world would be tone-deaf and bland. Artists make the world go around. They inspire and encourage us to be our people with our styles and thoughts. 

Censuring these things is harmful and dangerous once we as a nation decide it’s not the music, video games, or movie’s fault that people are violent. It’s society’s responsibility to understand and change violent behavior instead of casting blame. 

Let music and art live on and continue to inspire the world. In times of darkness, we look to the oddities of the world. We look to these creators to lift us instead of tear us down.