Shop Right

May the Best Shoe Brand Win


When was the last time you bought a pair of shoes? Do you remember the brand? There are many different brands and styles to choose from – Converse, PF Flyers, New Balance, etc. However, none of them comes anywhere close to the best shoe brand in the world, Vans.


Vans are by far the best shoe brand ever. Yes, people who enjoy casual wear may argue that Converse offers high tops and low tops, just like Vans does. However, I don’t want to be tripping over pesky laces when I enjoy a beautiful walk outside. Did your parents forget to teach you how to tie your shoelaces, and now you are 17 and a disgrace for still not knowing? Fear not, for Vans has your back with velcro shoes! They have high tops, low tops, skate shoes, canvas shoes, new styles, and old shoes—so many different types for you to choose from


Vans’ selection of shoes is a whole Dr. Seuss’s book, with tons of variety and trendy designs to go along with them. They are the best pair of shoes you can find, no questions asked.


I am a Proud Clearance


You like pulling up to parties sporting the most expensive jacket from Macy’s, and those sneakers that cost you upward of $500. Meanwhile, I happily stand beside you with the treasures I found hiding in the clearance section of Forever 21. And, maybe you’ll realize that my outfit looks better anyways.


I won’t lie to you, faithful reader. My wallet does not boast 50 and 100 dollar bills: I am a humble McDonald’s employee. Budgeting is not the only reason why I love the clearance section, though. Even as thrifting becomes a popular hobby amongst Gen Z’s, a majority still looks down on buying second-hand clothes. Thus, I offer a compromise: skip the clothes hanging from the store windows and dive right into the sale section in the rear. Not only are there some gorgeous items hiding amid the messy racks, but you might just save the planet.


Now, am I the world’s most devoted environmentalist? No. I have yet to make a zero-waste transition and adopt a vegan lifestyle, but there are still steps we can all take to make a positive change. Unsold clothes end up in landfills or destroyed to prevent competing brands from getting hold of them. Granted, many companies, especially in recent years, have made strides to reduce their waste, donating unsold clothes to foundations, selling them to discount stores, and even holding on to them until the next season. However, luxury brands often shred unsold merchandise and leave it in landfills instead of selling them at discounted prices or donating them to prevent “staining” their brand. I hope I don’t need to explain why this is a problem because, if I did, I would need to write a lot more, so I’m going to rely on your knowledge of environmental concerns and pollutants and spare the word count.


Don’t be shy. Venture into the store sections waving bright red “Sale” signs. You’ll be doing a favor to your wallet and our world.


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