Eat Right, Eat This

The Breakfast Discord

For the past few days, I’ve been hearing my peers make small talk over what they have eaten for breakfast. The conversation varies from eggs to cereal to rice. “It’s the most important meal of the day,” they say. And as I sit there, taking in the contents of their meals, I begin to think of my own life, and how much I hate eating breakfast early in the morning. People who can eat full meals at 6 a.m. are absolute menaces to society. I simply cannot comprehend waking up groggy and angry just to drag myself out of bed and into the kitchen, where I would have to rush to make myself a meager breakfast before my classes start. And it’s not for lack of trying. All I have been able to come up with is a sad fruit smoothie. No, I’d rather starve my way through my classes and pig out at the end of the day.


Why Thin-Crust Pizza is Superior to Normal Pizza

Pizza is one of the greatest and most popular food items of all time. Whether you are celebrating a party or looking for a quick bite to satisfy your hunger, you can always depend on pizza to bring flavor to your next meal. There is a lot of talk among pizza lovers about whether thin crust pizza is a better and tastier alternative to the thick crust pizza typically offered by pizza chains. Overall, it is clear that thin-crust pizza is the superior choice in all regards.


If you get the chance to eat the right kind of thin-crust pizza, it can transform your view of pizza forever. Thin crust pizza is typically baked in a wood-fired brick oven, producing a crunchy and charred crust. The crunchiness perfectly complements the softness of the cheese and other soft toppings. A pizza with a thinner crust means that it has fewer calories, less salt, less sodium, and less fat overall. Essentially, thin-crust pizza is much more nutritious, which is important to consider knowing that pizza already packs a lot of calories. Finally, eating thin-crust pizza means that you can enjoy and savor the sauce/toppings on the pizza rather than just worrying about munching on a thick piece of bread.


All in all, it is totally acceptable to like both typical pizza and thin-crust pizza. They both are lovely food options and a great way to satisfy your hunger. However, next time you scoff at thin-crust pizza for being an atrocity, think again.


Cake is Not Good 

Cake is probably the most popular dessert in the world. People eat them at birthdays, celebrations, weddings, and holidays. However, I think everyone just pretends to like cakes. Cakes are not good; they are too sweet and way too expensive for no reason. 


Even though cakes are beautifully decorated, they don’t taste as good as they look. Frosting is the reason cavities exist. Also, the actual cake itself is just not tasty. It has no flavor! 


Cakes are also unreasonably priced. For example, if I wanted to bake a cake right now, I could go to Walmart and buy all the ingredients for less than seven dollars! But I, like many people, I am not good at decorating or baking cakes, so I go to bakeries and ask for a custom-made order. And they charge me over $40! That is a lot of wasted money! I could bake 20 cakes from a cake box with $40. But I wouldn’t want to waste my money on pre-made cake boxes because cakes are not good anyway.


Also, say you are in this scenario: you have to buy your five-year-old nephew’s birthday cake. You buy the expensive cake and bring it to your nephew’s birthday party. But guess what? You forgot to buy candles. Not only is your nephew crying, but now the cake has no meaning. You just wasted $40 on a cake that just says, “Happy Birthday, John!”  Everyone knows the only reason there is cake at any celebration is because of the candles. Without candles, cakes have no meaning! Cakes are not acceptable; they are just excessively sweet, expensive, and meaningless.


Tea vs. Coffee: Which is healthier?

Tea and coffee are two of the most popular drinks for retaining or gaining energy throughout the day. However, coffee comes with more long-term health disadvantages than tea.  Although coffee may be better for powering through a short period of time, many people are unaware that the drink is very harmful to mental and physical health. Coffee causes caffeine addictions much quicker than other caffeinated beverages, and in the long run, it can also cause anxiety. In terms of caffeine content, coffee contains almost double the amount of caffeine compared to tea in an equal serving. Also, coffee has a much lower concentration of antioxidants than several types of tea, like green and white tea. Drinking coffee increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, chronic diseases, and cancer as a result.


On the other hand, tea does the opposite, reducing the chance of developing cancer. Tea also helps speed weight loss, improve bones and teeth strength, and enhance the well-being of the consumer’s immune system. By contrast, tea reduces stress rather than negatively affecting mental health and causing anxiety. Tea also does a better job of allowing us to retain energy for a long time. It is more convenient to prepare.


Although they are both great drinks, tea has long-term health benefits and a better beverage option than coffee to gain and maintain energy.


Support Local Businesses

Some of the best foods that you can eat come from local small business food joints. When you walk into a local food joint, you are immersed in an atmosphere you cannot get in a franchise restaurant. In these local food joints, you can feel the history surrounding the place, the generations of families that have been sitting at the very tables you are at now. My personal favorite, Ramen Shop, is a mom and pop shop in Reseda that I have been eating at ever since I was four years old. Although decorated with images of vintage Hollywood actors and actresses to fit the western theme, they hold on to their roots with little details that offer a homey vibe. With the lovely old ladies that welcome you and sit you down, you not only feel the history of the place, but you learn the history of the workers. During this time, it has been harder for local businesses to stay afloat, with no corporation to fall back upon these local businesses are relying on their loving communities to help keep them alive, so please support local businesses during this time to save the history of your city, preserve what makes your city special.