Light Discussions on Entertainment

By Alex Kim, Mia Ogebe, Lynn Lee, and Patrick Park

The Batfamily Hurts Batman

Many people in the comic book community make fun of Batman for acting like he is in a one-man war against crime in Gotham while having the aid of five Robins, three Batgirls, two Batwings, and at least five other miscellaneous partners. I make these jokes myself, but I think they highlight a very real problem in modern Batman comics: the Batfamily makes Batman too happy.


With the Batfamily, Bruce has people that he can depend on and relate to in his mission against crime, but Batman is meant to be a solitary, miserable individual who chases an impossible world without crime. And, for many decades, Gotham itself reflected this idea: it is always raining and insane criminals break out of Arkham every week to terrorize the city, despite Bruce’s best efforts to put them away.


However, after writer Tom King took over Batman in 2015, the themes and tone of the entire book changed. King’s artist, Mikel Janin, decided to get rid of Gotham’s unique, Gothic architecture and brighten up the colors. These differences in the art would not be much of a problem if Tom King did not also make arguably the worst decision about Batman’s character in decades.


Tom King decided to entirely embrace the Batfamily and even had Bruce and Catwoman get married. Batman now has a fully fleshed out family with a wife, adopted children, a biological child, and a dog. All of these additions to the Batman universe and his roster of allies entirely contradicts his character. The concept of a massive Batfamily is silly, and the ever-expanding collection of characters is ruining Batman and Gotham City.


Songs in the Key of Life is the best album from the ’70s 

The studio album Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder is the greatest album from the ‘70s. Released in 1976, the album is a groundbreaking mix of jazz, soul, funk, rhythm and blues, and pop. All 21 songs on the album are a masterpiece, with two of the singles reaching number one, and the full album winning the Grammy award for Album of the Year. Produced by Wonder himself, the album was also added to the Library of Congress’s National Recording Registry which goes to show how influential and significant Songs in the Key of Life is. The creative, personalized, and heartfeltness that is added to the album through each and every one of the songs, especially in the songs “As,” “Village Ghetto Land,” “If It’s Magic,” and “Joy Inside My Tears” really connect Wonder with his audience. Songs like those really capture the essence of innocence, gratitude, and dreams all into one. The unique instrumentals also play a huge part in what makes Songs in the Key of Life so fantastic. Some of the more popular songs such as “I Wish,” “Contusion,” “Isn’t She Lovely,” “Pastime Paradise,” and “Sir Duke,” have extraordinary vocals from Stevie Wonder that make the album beautiful and one of a kind. All in all, Songs in the Key of Life is the best album from the ‘70s and is something everyone can enjoy!


Does Charli Deserve the Hype?

Since TikTok’s widespread popularity among Gen Z, many high schoolers find themselves “going viral” overnight. However, one girl stood out above anyone else: Charli D’Amelio. She was born in Connecticut and is 16 years old. She used to be an average sophomore, but everything changed when her dance videos started going viral. She is now the most followed person on TikTok at 88.2 million followers. 


Despite any hate Charli’s received since her rise to stardom, she deserves the attention she gets.


Charli is not like other TikTokers. She uses her account to promote body positivity, support the Black Lives Matter movement, and more. She speaks on things that many TikTokers do not care about. Charli not only makes her audience happy, but she is an influencer who speaks on issues going on in the world. Charli has worked so hard over the past months and is genuinely a good person; she definitely deserves the hype.


Why Among Us is a Great Game

Among Us is a video game that is available for both mobile and PC players. Although it started small, it has recently exploded in popularity among Twitch streamers and YouTubers alike. What is Among Us? Among Us is a game that takes place in space. There is a group of innocent people and among them is an imposter or a killer. Hence the name, Among Us. The group of innocent people need to figure out who the imposter is and send him out the air shaft. Among Us is a very entertaining game as you never quite know who you should trust. One wrong move and the game could be over. However, Among Us has several mechanisms in its game that makes it a blast to play. One is the emergency meetings. Emergency meetings are meetings called by anyone in the group in order to discuss who the killer could be. This is very useful as the killer could then be kicked out of the game earlier, giving the group an upperhand. Another mechanism is the custom games you can make. Among Us provides players the opportunity to make their own games in which only their friends can join and play. This allows for a great experience among friends (no pun intended). I started playing Among Us with my friends and I had a blast! The games were always filled with laughter, disbelief, and surprises. I enjoyed Among Us because you had to constantly think who the killer could be. Finally, the customization options for your character are also hilarious. Ranging from fedoras to cracked eggs, Among Us has a variety of colors and costumes for you character! In conclusion, if you haven’t played Among Us, you really should give it a chance! It’s free and you can always change your mind if you don’t enjoy it.