What We Can Expect from President Joe Biden in the Next Four Years


Picture by Brian Kim

By Faith Crossan, Staff Writer

Since President Joe Biden was inaugurated on January 20, 2021, the public has many questions about what we could expect in the next four years. Like all presidents, Biden proposed many different plans, and it can be hard to keep up with them all.


On Biden’s first day in office, he signed several executive documents creating new orders and reversing specific laws by the Trump administration. One of the main issues Biden wanted to fight was the COVID-19 virus. The President mandated mask-wearing and required masks on all federal lands. Biden also appointed a Coronavirus Response Coordinator, who will be the lead person in reporting the virus’s news to him.


Biden remained busy in his first few days in office, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, adding protective workplace discrimination laws against the LGBTQ+ community, and stopping the World Health Organization withdrawal. He has also reinstated the DACA program and launched the Buy America Campaign, which encourages purchasing American-made products.


Biden also instituted an extension on the student loan pause until September 30, 2021. Biden’s plan for this pause is to help those who suffer from student loan debt or roughly 44 million people. If his plan passes, anyone with student loan debt will have 10,000 dollars taken off of the debt as a part of a COVID-19 relief. This means that anyone with a student loan debt balance of 10,000 dollars or under will have that debt entirely lifted.


As far as what we can expect from him in the next four years, Biden has promised a lot. One of his most important points was getting the virus under control in the United States. Biden also stressed the urgency of climate change and has a unique plan to help combat the issue. He has also heavily advertised the Affordable Care Act, a plan to reduce healthcare costs and make it accessible to everyone. The health plan was initially passed during Obama’s presidency; however, Biden claims that the Trump administration halted much of the proposals. He plans to reinstate the act in full force in the upcoming four years.


On January 20, 2021, Biden tweeted, “It’s a new day in America.” U.S. citizens can only hope that Biden will lead our country where it needs to be. No matter what political party you fall under, we all want what is best for our country. In times like this, we must remain hopeful, optimistic, and altruistic.