Better Your Palette (Morning Edition)

Bagels are the Best Breakfast Food — Samantha Redifer

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s the first thing you eat in the morning, and, depending on what you eat, it can make or break your day. However, you can never go wrong with a bagel for breakfast. 

Bagels are quick and easy, especially for a to-go breakfast. You can buy them pre-cut, and from there, all you have to do is toast them and spread some cream cheese. They’re small enough to be taken on the go and don’t leave much mess (except for sesame seeds and everything bagels).

They come in a variety of flavors, both savory and sweet. There’s blueberry, cinnamon, chocolate chip, sesame seed, raisin, onion, and more. With how much variety there is, there’s a bagel out there for everyone. Yet, it’s not only the bagels that come in different flavors but also the cream cheese. From strawberry to blueberry to even veggie flavored cream cheese, bagels offer even more variety and the opportunity to mix and match flavors to create a delicious breakfast.

Different flavors aren’t the only thing that makes bagels the best breakfast food. They’re hearty—they fill you up for a while and are a healthier alternative to, for example, a donut. You don’t even have to eat bagels alone, as they go with many different breakfast foods.

Bagels are diverse. They can be turned into sandwiches at any mealtime by adding other complementary ingredients, like salmon or other types of meat, or even jam and fruit.

As the most important meal, breakfast has many options. Bagels not only come in an abundance of flavors and offer the chance for customization, but they’re quick to make and small enough to take anywhere you go.


What is the Best Cereal? — Syed Islam

Breakfast is known as one of the most popular meals during the day across the globe. One of the most universally popular breakfast dishes is cereal with milk. With over a thousand different brands of cereal, many might be perplexed as to what to choose for their next breakfast meal. Many leading cereal brands, such as Cheerios, Froot Loops, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, may provide a good breakfast; however, none can come close to Cocoa Puffs. There are many reasons that play a role in making Cocoa Puffs the best cereal; however, the primary reasons for Cocoa Puffs success are due to the rich chocolatey flavor and its unique texture.

Cocoa Puffs best selling point is that it is a chocolate-flavored cereal. Chocolate flavored cereal has a great advantage over regular cereal due to the flavor that is excreted once the cereal hits the milk. While other cereals usually don’t change the flavor of the milk too significantly, Cocoa Puffs can transform the milk into chocolate milk in a matter of minutes. This significant transformation greatly improves the experience of milk with cereal and allows for the taste to change over time as the flavor of the cereal starts to blend with the milk.

Another unique characteristic of Cocoa Puffs is its unique texture. The texture of Cocoa Puffs is one that is rigid. The texture of these beloved puffs also transforms while spending time in the milk, but they do not get soggy as quickly as other cereals.


The Cereal Controversy — Lynn Lee

Cereal has become a classic and cherished dietary staple of American culture; however, there is a controversy on the proper time to pour milk and cereal. One must have a cereal pouring strategy, whether you are munching on Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops. Many prefer to pour cereal first, followed by cold milk; however, some prefer their milk to be poured before their cereal. How do you eat your cereal? Pouring milk before adding cereal is the only right way. It guarantees a perfect ratio and keeps the cereal crunchier for longer.

Pouring milk first creates a perfect cereal-to-milk ratio. For instance, when one pours cereal before, it is nearly impossible to see how much milk is being poured until it has completely drowned the mountain of Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops. As a result, it leaves a huge puddle of milk after the cereal is eaten. However, when one pours milk first, it is easy to see how much cereal needs to be added to match, thus creating a perfect ratio.

Additionally, pouring the milk before cereal preserves the crunch for longer. There is nothing worse than munching on soggy, wet cereal.


Tea is Better Than Coffee — Martina Brajanovska

Although it may seem unpopular, tea is much better than coffee. Tea is proven to be much healthier for a person than coffee is. Many people start their days with a cup of coffee. Whether the coffee is hot or iced, it does not change the amount of caffeine that enters one’s body. Studies show that 400mg of caffeine is “good” for your health. However, too much caffeine is not healthy. Both tea and coffee are good sources of caffeine, but coffee contains double the amount of caffeine as tea does. 

Caffeine has both good and bad effects. If you need a small surge of energy, coffee is an excellent way to go. However, too much caffeine can cause particular symptoms of anxiety or stress in a person. Tea is a better source of sustainable energy. Green tea, for example, can be a more soothing option.

Coffee can lead to type 2 diabetes, liver disease, heart problems, or even Parkinson’s disease. On the other hand, tea has many benefits, such as lowering the risk of cancer and heart disease. Tea can also improve weight loss and help build a more robust immune system. 

Not only does tea have more promise for better health, but it also comes in great variety. There are endless amounts of flavors and choices that you can pick from when it comes to a cup of tea. With coffee, you are very limited to your options. Tea is the healthier, superior option.


Drinking Milk Should Be A Crime — Preslee Adams

As children, we are told to drink a glass of milk a day to build strong bones and stay healthy, but is this necessary? Most people are not aware of how calcium is sourced from the cow’s bones, pus cells, feces, and other disturbing areas of their anatomy. Drinking cow’s milk is putrid, and anyone who enjoys drinking it needs a psychological evaluation.

First of all, humans are the only species that consume milk past infancy, let alone milk from another species. Most of us wouldn’t drink milk from another human, so it is odd that so many people still enjoy drinking milk.

Milk also does not taste or smell good. For some reason, milk always smells expired, and just a whiff of the vile liquid incites gagging. However, the smell is not even the worst part of it. The watery-white substance has a bitter taste that is not pleasant to the tastebuds, and it lingers in your mouth, producing an aftertaste that makes you regret ever touching it.

Finally, milk has become unnecessary in a world where so many other options are available. Oatmilk, almond milk, and soy milk are just a few substitutes for milk that not only taste better but have significantly improved health benefits. It is impossible not to find a better tasting liquid than milk when your options are endless.

Instead of drinking the nutrient-stripped dairy products that fill your grocery store shelves, find an alternative that tastes better and fulfills your recommended calcium intake. Society has wholly evolved past the need for cow’s milk. Seriously, it is 2022!