Better Your Palette

Pizza is Overrated — Faith Crossan

Possibly the world’s most convenient food, I have eaten many different pizzas in my life. It is the staple meal for any birthday party, sleepover, or a lazy night in. And I dread it. In saying that, I can already probably guess your reaction- which will likely sound something like, “You don’t like PIZZA?!” And you’re right! All my life, I have bewildered people with my opinion on the heinous food, and I don’t exactly plan on stopping. 

The number of times I have seen friends enjoy a pizza by using a napkin to soak up the grease is ridiculous. No one, and I mean no one, should be able to soak up the oil from their food with a napkin. That should be a clear red flag, but for some reason, people have decided that it is perfectly normal and acceptable. 

Why would anyone eat pizza when you could enjoy the millions of other foods the world has to offer? Say goodbye to grease-riddled napkins and hello to light, fresh food that makes you feel good after you eat it! I have never eaten a pizza and then felt energized or ready to go for a run. It is always a meal you have to lie down and digest, waiting for your body to forgive you for what you have done to it. 

Not to mention the fact that pizza has its fair share of controversy. Don’t worry; I’m not here to discuss the logistics of pineapple on a pizza with you, because honestly, I hate it all. 

So next time you’re considering what you want to eat for dinner, do yourself a favor and delete Pizza Hut’s number.


Mochi Are the Superior Sweets — Tiffani Pe

A soft, chewy outer texture paired with a center of sweet filling makes mochi (pronounced “moh-chee”) a terrific treat for the tastebuds. While this traditional rice cake is typically eaten for the Japanese New Year, its sticky dough has helped popularize it. Lovers of boba will instantly fall in love with mochis’ similar texture.

Even though the dough consists of only three ingredients, there’s no shortage of flavors when it comes to mochi. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy your mochi with a red bean or banana filling– it’ll be scrumptious any way you make it. And just like ice cream, there are lots of fun flavor combinations out there. Ice cream mochi is perfect for eating on a hot summer day if you don’t want to dirty your hands. They are melt-in-your-mouth yummy!

Plus, unlike other desserts, mochi is both tasty and healthy. In addition to being excellent sources of protein, vitamins, and minerals, they’re also gluten- and cholesterol-free. So, mochi is the perfect snack to eat when you need something to satisfy your hunger. And since they’re much lighter than other treats like cake or pie, there’s no guilt in binging on two… or three… or even the whole box. (Once your teeth sink into these sweet and pillowy pastel delights, it’s hard to stop.)

Not to mention, mochi is an undeniably interesting treat. “Cow Poop? chocolate mochi” is an actual product found in Japan, showing that the fun doesn’t stop when it comes to mochi. However, it is necessary to note that dozens have accidentally choked on these rice cakes. As delicious as they are, I advise you to cut them into small pieces and chew carefully. Doing so will prevent injuries and let you savor the variety of flavors.

All in all, it doesn’t matter who you are. Just look at them! Mochis are tasty, healthy, and adorable. Once you get a taste of these marshmallow-like treats, you’ll be hooked.


Drizzle or Dip? — Lynn Lee

French fries are one of America’s most famous specialties; however, they cannot be consumed without sauce. Since french fries and sauce are a perfect pairing, it is important to note how one eats their fries with sauce. When you are served a delightful portion of crispy, warm fries, do you prefer to leave the sauce on the side and dip the fries into it? Or do you enjoy drizzling the sauce directly onto the fries? 

Dipping french fries is the most reasonable and delicious answer. Those who dip their fries have the advantage of adjusting the amount of sauce dipped on each fry. Furthermore, those who enjoy drizzling their fries have to deal with the inconvenience of picking up a fry and getting their hands coated with sauce. Although, individuals who drizzle their french fries in sauce have a shortcut that enables them simply to pick up a fry and eat. Not only is dipping french fries consistent, but there is an aspect of cleanliness. 

Personally, drizzling sauce onto french fries is too chaotic and messy, and I find that dipping french fries in sauce is much more consistent and delicious. Which side are you on?


Donuts: Cake or Classic? — Martina Brajanovska

Regular donuts taste better than cake donuts. Traditional donuts are the perfect treat to eat when you are craving something sweet. They come in a variety of flavors. Most of the time, they are light and airy. Cake donuts, however, are not.

I think that cake donuts are too sweet to enjoy. They have a heavier and more doughy feel to them. I find them hard to eat sometimes simply because of their consistency. Even though donuts are not healthy, cake donuts would be the even less healthy option. Most of the time, classic donuts are even cheaper than cake donuts. Cake donuts can be messy to eat due to their crumbly consistency.

Overall, traditional donuts are better in many different aspects. These being the general flavor, the price, their consistency, and even being healthier. I believe that there is no reason to choose a cake donut over a traditional donut. 


Coffee is Disgusting — Sara Davis

I am not a fan of coffee. Yes, people have told me several times that I will be absolutely and utterly consumed by it one day. My simple response is, “No.” 

I will not ever enjoy it. If there is a drop of coffee in a drink or food, my tastebuds will find it. And they will not be happy about it.

I am glad I am not fond of coffee because I have noticed many people are addicted to it. These people cannot function without it. I would hate to be attached to something to that extent. 

Apart from addiction, it is bitter, and the odor is headache-worthy. I vomited in a Starbucks as a small child. The scent of coffee filled every inch of the shop (it is a Starbucks, after all). But it gave me a terrible headache, and I felt incredibly nauseous. I usually keep my mouth shut and chuckle when people tell me about how good coffee smells. My opinion is not going to change. Maybe one day they will vomit in a Starbucks and understand my viewpoint.

Furthermore, coffee may leave stains on a person’s teeth after regular consumption. Then, once people have discolored their teeth, they spend mass amounts of money on teeth whiteners. Money! Let’s talk about the money situation with coffee. Regular coffee drinkers spend thousands of dollars on coffee every year! If a couple quit drinking coffee for a year, they could save roughly $5,000 to put towards a vacation. That is not including the teeth whiteners, by the way. 

Overall, coffee is gross, and I’ll save myself from addiction and take a vacay instead.