Better Your Palette

Sweet over Savory Breakfasts 

Just imagine— you wake up after a bad night of sleep with a horrible headache, your house is freezing compared to your warm bed, and to top it all off, you trip over the shoes you left in the middle of the floor as you are getting up. You know this is going to be a bad day. But, then the luxuriant scent of cinnamon, maple syrup, and bread hit your nose, and suddenly you forget about all of the tragedies of the morning. When you get to the kitchen, a big plate of french toast is waiting for you. Now imagine if that was a measly plate of scrambled eggs. Not as pleasant, right?

The principle of sweet over savory will always apply when it comes to breakfast. Mornings are hard, but can you really be in a bad mood while eating strawberry waffles?

It is a common misconception that sweet foods are automatically bad for you. This is understandable— it is hard to believe that anything with such gratifying flavor could actually be good for you. But, just because it is sweet does not mean it is unhealthy. Oatmeal with honey and fruit, smoothie bowls, and protein pancakes are all great options to get some nutrient-dense foods into your diet. 

Next time you find yourself wondering what you could possibly eat for breakfast, do yourself a favor and put down the plain toast and cook some waffles. Life is short; eat dessert for breakfast.


Hot Coffee or Iced?

It seems like everyone in the world enjoys a nice cup of coffee to start their day or to get them through it. Some even need an entire pot or two to stay awake. Regardless of quantity, everyone has a preferred cup of coffee. Some take it black, and others take it with so much cream that it gives them cavities. Something that everyone seems to have a preference for is whether their coffee is hot or cold. Iced coffee is a staple in my day, and it should be a staple for everyone else as well. Nothing is worse than pouring a hot cup of coffee, leaving it for a couple of minutes, and coming back to find it freshly cold. With iced coffee, the coldness is purposeful and refreshing, rather than shocking and gross. Iced coffee also allows for a lot of customization. You can add just about anything, from caramel syrup to whipped cream. Hot coffee simply does not have this many variations, making it outdated. Get with the times and buy yourself a nice iced coffee; you can even save it for later if you need to.


You Can Only Eat Oreos One Way

You can only eat Oreos one way: by splitting the cookie in half and proceeding in a very specific manner. First, you need to physically separate both halves of the Oreo. Once you get the iced half separated from the plain cookie half, you are golden. Now from here, you have some wiggle room. Depending on my mood, I will either spread the creme evenly across both cookies and eat them separately, or completely eat the creme on its own, then move one and eat both halves of the cookie plain. Yes, you do have to put in more work with this method, but it most definitely pays off. When you bite into the entire cookie like a barbarian, you are drastically lowering the cookie’s quality. One can argue that Oreos are sandwich cookies because you should eat them like a sandwich, but when you eat an Oreo in that way, it just tastes so sickenly sweet. This is especially true with the “Double Stuf” Oreos, which just have too much creme to bear. So if you want an Oreo that has the perfect bitter-chocolate-to-too-sweet-creme ratio, you can only eat an Oreo one way: the right way.


Milk Is Gross, And There Is No Changing My Mind

Since we were children, we have been told that milk is crucial in having strong and healthy bones. I would risk a fragile skeleton, though, instead of drinking that disgusting beverage. 

To start, we are the only kind of organisms that drink milk beyond infancy. Theoretically, drinking milk from a cow is the equivalent of drinking breast milk, so why do people do it? The putrid thought of drinking breast milk pertains to everyone, but drinking the bodily fluids of another animal is just as gross.

Furthermore, the flavor and smell of milk are rancid. The bitter soap-like flavor unpleasantly coats your tongue and leaves a lingering foul taste. Even before milk expires, there is still an oddly sour taste and smell less than pleasurable. There are so many alternative kinds of milk, such as cashew and oat milk, that provide the same silky texture of milk with a superior taste.

On a more ethical note, the dairy industry is notorious for slaughtering animals. We are conditioned to believe that cows produce their milk for human consumption; however, this milk is meant for their calves. Calves tend to be torn apart from their mothers to make more milk, and as a result, the separation results in distress. Growing calves are either slaughtered or put into the same cycle as their mothers. The suffering that these animals have to go through adds to why milk is gross, and it is difficult to imagine how one could voluntarily drink milk.

While milk in other products such as ice cream or a baking recipe is very normal, it is almost like a hate crime to drink milk alone. With all of the alternatives offered to drink, milk should be at the very bottom of everyone’s list because it is flat-out disgusting.


Smoothies vs. Milkshakes

Smoothies and milkshakes are both beloved drinks. These two delicacies have many similarities, considering that they are flavored beverages with milk incorporated in them. However, in terms of preparation and consistency, both drinks are quite different from each other. Out of the smoothie and the milkshake, smoothies are the healthier and tastier drink to consume.

When people imagine smoothies, it is easy to think of a handful of fruits being thrown into a blender and mixed. However, smoothies offer far more than just a mixture of fruits—which is what makes them tastier than milkshakes. Smoothies are made by blending yogurt, fruits, seeds, purees, and honey in some cases. The drinks are quite filling yet still pack enough essential nutrients to replace an entire meal. Also, smoothies are very healthy and are a great option for people who are lactose intolerant. 

On the other hand, milkshakes are nothing more than dairy and sugar packed into a drink. Milkshakes are commonly made with milk and ice creams and whatever additional flavors are usually added with syrups. People also consume milkshakes with whipped cream, marshmallows, candies, and more. This causes the drinks to be loaded in fat and sugar content, making them far less satisfying to gulp down than smoothies.

For a healthier and tastier drinking experience, smoothies are definitely the way to go.