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2021 is Finally Getting Good — Alex Kim

I have gone on record saying that 2021 is a terrible year for movies. And for the most part, I still stand by this statement. The first half of the year was full of rushed, lazy, and boring films. However, I feel as if the year is really turning around. For the first time in a long time, I feel myself excited for movies that will be released soon. 

By the end of 2020, many movies that were near completion were released and still managed to be good. But any movie in production at the time of the first Covid-19 spike was immediately thrust into development troubles. For example, James Bond: No Time to Die was delayed by over a year, and because of the constant delays, I thought the movie would be terrible. But after watching it, I actually enjoyed it. 

Now, my perception of other delayed movies that I was uncertain about has improved. It is an exciting time for me and surely other movie fanatics. We have been so starved for new and exciting content that the last quarter of this year could finally pull through and deliver some quality films.


Sora is Not a Bad Choice for the Final Smash Character — Ashlee Guardado

Super Smash Bros Ultimate recently announced their final Smash DLC character on October 5. Many people wished for one particular character, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and they got their wish. The internet went wild, and so did I when watching it during my 0 period. However, many people were upset by the choice since it was predictable and were annoyed that he is technically another anime sword fighter. They also believe that he was a waste of a character slot. I agree that it was predictable since he was leaked just days before the reveal, but I believe that Sora was a pretty good character to add for the last slot!

In 2015, Nintendo put out a Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot where fans could request a character added to the game as a DLC. Nintendo hid the results but implied that Bayonetta, from the game series Bayonetta, was the winner of the smash ballot; however, it was Sora who won. Sora being added to the game means a lot since he was chosen by the fans, making it feel unique that he is the last character. He is also special because Satoru Iwata, a former president of Nintendo and well-loved by the Nintendo community, was a part of the decision for Sora and whether or not to announce the results of the ballot before his death later that year.

Also, remember that Sora is from Disney. DISNEY! They are protective of their characters, and you know what Kingdom Hearts mainly includes? Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse. Yeah, it is technically Square Enix that owns KH, but Disney’s name is still attached. The idea that Nintendo was even able to get Sora into the game is a miracle. Sora was also considered an “impossible character” because Disney refused to allow him to be added.

Sora is a satisfying choice to close out Fighter Pass Vol. 2.


Why is Squid Game So Popular? — Patrick Park

Squid Game is a South Korean show that aired on Netflix on September 17, 2021. Ever since its release, Squid Game has exploded in popularity. Additionally, the nine episode series has gained over 111 million views which officially became Netflix’s biggest show on October 12, 2021. With all this worldwide attention, the question must be asked: Why exactly is this show so popular? One reason I believe is the realism that underlies beneath the show. Squid Game is a fictional show. However, it does not seem like an impossible reality. A series of games that takes poor people as contestants for a prize pool of 45.6 billion won is an exciting concept that does not seem too far from reality. 

Let us take a look at the Purge franchise. The Purge franchise is based on the idea that citizens are allowed to commit any crime one night a year to lower crime rates during the year. Again, this is a concept that does not seem too far out of reality. Granted, it is a horrifying concept to think about, but it is not an impossible one. The Purge franchise has accumulated over 500 million dollars which makes it a fairly successful franchise. 

Another reason why Squid Game could be so popular is how raw it is. Squid Game is very grounded in reality without spoiling anything, and it does not try to create fake optimistic scenarios that would not happen in real life. Every action each character takes is done in the name of survival. There are no “friendship is more important” moments or anything remotely corny of the sort. I believe this was why so many people enjoyed Squid Game. It never tries to hide the truth and intentionally displays what human beings can do when their lives are on the line. In conclusion, Squid Game is a good show, and you should give it a shot!


Horror Film Remakes Are Getting Worse — Kennedy Starr

With the new Halloween film coming out, I thought about each movie I had seen in the franchise. I found that there are 12 movies in the Halloween world. Every year it shocks me that instead of making new films, Hollywood pumps out reboots or sequels. And every new adaptation seems to get worse and worse; they feel like cash grabs for the studios. 

After further investigating, I found that all (if not most) of my favorite horror movie classics have remakes. It makes me upset in many ways because why would you mess with a masterpiece or a piece of classic film work? For example, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is a horror movie staple, and no one has ever attempted to redo it. But instead, you see the trickle-down of parodies into modern television–the perfect way to honor a film of such standard. The original films remain unique in our culture. I realize you can add more accurate elements to them with each new adaptation, but that doesn’t mean the movie deserves a remake.

I’ve grown up with the genre, so it becomes upsetting to see your favorite film like The Evil Dead receive one of these reboots in 2013, only for the acting to be lackluster and the directing to not have the same impact. As time goes on, I can only hope that the original films I grew up with will stay the way they are without another watered-down version polluting what I loved and taking away from the original.