Opinions On Everything (Yes, EVERYTHING)

Rolling School Desks Are Awful — Brandon Kim

Not many classrooms in Quartz Hill High School have rolling desks. They’ve been used for several years on our campus now, but they still feel like a fresh breath of air compared to other traditional wooden and plastic desks. Being able to slide around in a desk during class is something many students would never have imagined doing. Rolling desks allow for some freedom and flexibility, but they’re simply not comfortable in the end.

Though the entire argument is a petty shot at the school’s questionable decisions about their funding in classroom equipment, rolling desks aren’t as great as many would imagine them to be. If you’ve ever used one before, the first thing you probably noticed is that the desks themselves don’t provide much working space. They can’t fit any more than two notebooks, so you can imagine how difficult it is to try using a laptop and notebook at the same time. 

It’s undeniable that they allow a certain degree of freedom that traditional desks don’t, though. Group activities are possible within seconds since entire groups can form by simply rolling the desks from one place to another. Individually though, the desks are extremely limited in the movement they provide. The handles are attached very closely to the chairs, so it’s difficult to fully extend your arms or find a comfortable position at all. Not to mention, they’re a complete nightmare for lefties. The desks were specifically designed and catered towards right-handed students, so left-handed students have no choice but to lean completely to the side to write. Traditional desks aren’t that great, but rolling desks are just worse.


Staycation vs Vacation — Brian Kim

When choosing what to do during a break, I will decide not to travel and stay home. Although many find it relieving to travel to different places throughout their vacation, traveling and planning alone without assistance only increases stress. Since vacation is a period in which you should rid yourself of the pressures and demands of everyday life, staying at home would be the best way to do so. Vacations often involve spending money and spending lots of time planning what to do and how to have fun. Instead, choosing a staycation over a vacation is less stressful and cost-efficient and acts as a better break from life overall. 

Vacations have negatives regarding financial balance since they mainly involve tickets, accommodations, eating costs, travel expenses, and more. Additionally, dealing with jet lag, packing and unpacking, and constant pressures to have fun is simply too demanding to count as a real break from life. However, staycations are not always completely isolating oneself from the outside world and can often involve meeting with friends and family and going out to different local places. In doing so, staycations can count as more of a rest from the real world than the constant demands of vacations.


Homecoming vs. Prom — Lynn Lee

In honor of Homecoming Week, I collected responses from twenty students on which they enjoy more: Homecoming or Prom. All twenty, regardless of their grade, agreed that Homecoming is the best high school tradition. At Quartz Hill High School, Homecoming customarily involves a big football game, a Homecoming court, a unique spirit week, and a carnival. Furthermore, the main event of Homecoming at Quartz Hill High School is the Homecoming dance. Ariana Pelayo, a junior attending Quartz Hill High School, shared that “Homecoming is better than Prom because it welcomes students back to school; it is more inclusive and easygoing.” 

The most celebrated dances of the school year are Homecoming and Prom. However, the apparent difference between the two is that they occur during different seasons. Prom is often celebrated at the beginning of the spring season, while Homecoming takes place in September or October. Homecoming is preferable since it occurs during the fall season, which is the time of year when students return to school. 

Furthermore, Homecoming is much more inclusive than Prom. At Quartz Hill High School, only the junior and senior classes can attend Prom. However, Homecoming is available for both upperclassmen and underclassmen, which means that even freshmen can enjoy the Homecoming festivities. 

Finally, compared to Prom, Homecoming is easygoing. At Quartz Hill High School, the dress code for Homecoming is relaxed. Some students wear jeans and a cute top, while others wear a dress or suit. Furthermore, students do not have to wear gowns and tuxedos.

In conclusion, many Quartz Hill High School students believe that their favorite high school event is Homecoming, as it is welcoming, inclusive, and much more casual than Prom.


Basketball Is the Best Sport — Karam Askar

Basketball is the best sport ever. Basketball is so fun and exciting, and other sports are also fun, but I love basketball. 

There are so many minigames to play in basketball, like knockout or poison, and many more. Other sports don’t have these kinds of minigames. They might play it the same, but it won’t be the same. Basketball is so much more fun with friends, like 1v1 or 2v2. It’s amazing. 

Not only that but it’s also not as dangerous as other famous sports, like American football. I say this because my source states, “American football is a full-contact sport, head injuries are relatively common. According to the San Francisco Spine Institute at Seton Medical Center in Daly City, California, up to 1.5 million young men participate in football annually, and there are an estimated 1.2 million football-related injuries per year.” Many people might disagree with me, but basketball can make more yearly pay than most sports. But since football is a dangerous sport, football players will most likely make more than basketball players. 

Basketball can be elementary to learn and get good at, unlike the other sports.  So many inspirational people play basketball, and they all are very nice. While other athletes don’t seem too friendly, there are fewer fights in basketball than any other sport. Whenever I feel mad or feel happy, I play basketball to get my mind off things. I will feel a lot better since basketball needs focus. You forget everything and keep your mind in the game. Basketball will always be the superior sport.


Colored Pencils vs. Crayons — Syed Islam

Art is a form of expression many individuals practice to express themselves. Historically, art can be traced back to the paleolithic ages where humans drew their creative works on cave walls. Since then, there have been many different mediums of art, ranging from oil painting to watercolors. But many amateur artists begin their artistic journey with simple mediums such as color pencils and crayons. Some might believe that crayons are the superior medium for art; however, colored pencils are ideal for their convenience and versatility. 

While crayons might provide the artist with more detailed shading and interesting outlines, they can often be very dull and appear to be messy. Colored pencils are usually clean and can be used to create straighter lines than crayons. They can also be used for shading and forming crisp details on figures. Crayons are typically harder to use. Many amateur artists cannot maximize their total potential due to their skill; however, colored pencils are simple and easily accessible. Colored pencils additionally offer more color choices than crayons, thus allowing for more artistic creativity—color pencils reign supreme.