Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Jenison! One of our Favorites

Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Jenison! One of our Favorites

Among many teachers, faculty, staff, and others, one man stands out unlike any other. A mentor, leader, and friend to many, Mr. Jenison is one of Quartz Hill’s phenomenal teachers. His unique combination of teaching and coaching makes him one of our beloved teachers that are cherished by all of our hearts. Mr. Jenison always finds a way to make students laugh through his charisma and passion for what he teaches.

Mr. Jenison’s career at Quartz Hill High School begins far before his aspirations in the teaching profession. What many students may not know about the history and geography teacher is that he played soccer throughout his high school days. He and his brother, along with an array of teammates, made one of the greatest runs in our school’s history. Being our first team to put up a division one banner in any sport. Mr. Jenison has truly impacted this school’s history and continues to do so every day. Mr. Jennison’s career in soccer brought him many new opportunities that other athletes normally wouldn’t see. He stated, “I loved playing soccer here at QHHS (2000-2004). I learned how to work hard and push myself beyond my limits physically and psychologically. It also taught me how to be a leader and stand up for my faith in Christ.” 

 During his playing days, he won a CIF Championship in division one and traveled to foreign countries to play in matches. One of the most memorable moments in his career was playing in Germany. Along with that, he got to play on the East coast with some of the best high school teams in the country. Although his soccer career was cut short and wouldn’t continue to the collegiate level, he still continues his legacy at Quartz Hill in different ways.

His passion for soccer opened up new windows for the next stage of his life. Moving on to college, he would earn his education and find a new love for teaching. Mr. Jenison stated, “I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from The Master’s University (History) and two Master of Arts degrees (History from CSU Northridge & Bible from The Master’s University), so I have taken a lot of college classes. However, the ones that stand out the most have been Old Testament Archaeology, Russian History to 1917, Early National Period of the U.S., Geography of the Bible Lands, and Global Missions. My advice to prospective college students is to do what is required of you first, then do what you want to do. Don’t get distracted by college life; start being an adult.” Following this, he finished his time in college and would follow in his footsteps and return to Quartz Hill High School to teach. 

The profession of teaching young high school students is one of the most important jobs in the country. It can inspire and create change in our society. The next stage of Mr. Jenison’s life meant he could change people’s lives daily. He decided to teach Honors World History and AP Human Geography. Despite the rigorous curriculum that comes along with honors and AP classes, he manages to make time for his students to make the lesson or topic interesting. 

What I love about teaching is helping students understand how big and complex our world is. I also just enjoy having conversations with students about their lives.”  Whether it’s analyzing the cause and effects of World War II or dissecting the Von Thunen Model, he manages to make students laugh. Previous Honors World History student Panashe Mafukeni states, “Although I may not take interest in the Malthusian Theory or the Von Thunen Model, his style of combining stories and teaching makes his class very enjoyable.” One of the most appreciated traits in his teaching style is his love to tell prior stories of his life and how they may contribute to the lesson for the day.

Along with his loveable teaching style, many students may also recognize him in a soccer coach uniform. Sharing his knowledge on and off the field, Mr. Jenison is a well-known soccer coach in the Golden League. His success further allows him to influence Quartz Hill’s soccer unit. He has impacted many athletes’ lives and their mindsets. Isaiah Alvarez stated, “I’m excited to move up to varsity and learn and grow as not only a player but a person.” One of the main things Mr. Jenison prioritizes is his players’ future. “I have enjoyed getting to know my players and seeing them grow as young men.” 

Overall, on the outside, many people might interpret Mr. Jenison as your typical history teacher, but if you look deeper and sit down with him, you’ll find him to be a great man and an even better friend. You’ll figure out his love for his children, soccer, and the Lord. Keep it up, Mr. Jenison! Bring home another Golden League title!