The Revival of the Lorax


“The Lorax” is an animated comedy film based on the 1971 children’s book by Dr. Seuss. Released in 2012, the movie tells the story of a young boy named Ted Wiggins who lives in a city called Thneedville, where everything is artificial.

Ted has a crush on his neighbor Audrey, who dreams of seeing a real tree. In search of a tree, Ted’s grandmother tells him about the Once-ler, an exotic creature who resides outside the city. Ted embarks on a journey to find the Once-ler and discover the truth about what happened to the trees.

Through a series of flashbacks, the Once-ler recounts his encounter with the mystical creature called the Lorax. The Once-ler, a young entrepreneur, discovered a forest filled with colorful Truffula Trees and a variety of animals. He began chopping down the trees to manufacture a popular product called Thneeds, causing the Lorax to emerge and protest against the destruction of the ecosystem.

As the Once-ler’s business grows, he ignores the Lorax’s warnings and continues to use the forest’s resources, resulting in the devastation of the Truffula Trees and the removal of the creatures who depended on them. Eventually, the Once-ler’s business collapses, and the entire forest is left lifeless.

Motivated by the Once-ler’s story, Ted trys to find a real tree and bring it back to Thneedville to impress Audrey. Along the way, he faces various challenges, including the city’s main businessman, O’Hare, who profits from selling bottled fresh air and is determined to prevent the reintroduction of trees.

Ted eventually finds a single surviving Truffula Tree seed and returns to Thneedville, where he rallies the town’s residents to help him plant the seed and restore nature to their city. With the help of Audrey and the townspeople, Ted confronts O’Hare and manages to plant the tree, triggering a transformation that brings back the beauty of nature to Thneedville.

“The Lorax” carries a strong environmental message, highlighting the importance of preserving nature and the consequences of unchecked greed and exploitation. The film serves as a reminder to cherish and protect the environment for future generations.

Recently on Tiktok, the Lorax has been receiving more attention, from memes and different parts of the movie. For example, the scene of the kid dancing near the end of the movie or the scene of the Lorax lifting himself into the sky. Tiktok has made these videos into various different memes. Apart from that, some people have even planted a tree in the toilet with a drawing of the Lorax saying, “Let it grow,” referring to the ending of the movie where the community breaks the ground and plants a tree despite Mr. O’Hare’s wishes, an antagonist who wishes to cause more pollution in order to market air.