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I Love My Mids

Plaid skirts, low-rise jeans, bedazzled crop tops- or in my case, my mom’s old clothes from “back in the day.” Summer 2020 fashion has been a blast from the past, but perhaps the biggest and most expensive comeback, Air Jordan 1s. But hold on! Don’t go off and buy some just yet! One simple question and it’s like you got the knockoffs off that one shady wholesale site that may or may not be stretching the child labor laws. Perhaps one of the most ego-crushing questions, “Are those Mids?”

It’s time for the Mids stigma to end with our hopes of Frank Ocean ever releasing another album. The Air Jordan 1 Highs range from $120 (although you will rarely get them for under $200) to $10,000+. The newest Dior x Air Jordan 1 Highs sell at a stupendous $25,000 on GOAT, a popular resale marketplace for shoes. On the other hand, you can generally find Air Jordan 1 Mids between $100 to $200. You also have a pretty good chance of finding them straight from Nike.

The shame surrounding Mids originally sourced from Michael Jordan only sporting the high tops. But, let’s be honest, have you even made a three-pointer? Some don’t even dare go out in fear of creasing their $600 high tops, why are we talking about basketball? The stigma around Mids has just been another way for teens living off their parents’ wages to flaunt money they don’t really have.

Mids or not, Jordans are Jordans, and we should treat them as such. Ultimately, insecurities aside, I am willing to save an extra $500 in exchange for an extra inch of exposed leg. I love my Jordans, and yes, they are Mids.


No, Hamilton Doesn’t Glorify History

Hamilton has recently made its way onto Disney+, allowing people to experience the musical from home instead of Broadway. Its transition onto the streaming site, however, comes with a crucial debate. Some claim that the musical is simply propaganda so that Americans see the founding fathers as good people, and forget all the bad they have done. I wholly disagree. 

The musical removes the men from history’s pedestal and places them onto the same level of flawed as all of us. We see Hamilton’s infidelity, and the faults he had as both a person and one of the founding fathers. We understand Washington’s struggles with leadership and the pressures he felt to have an entire nation on his back. In Hamilton, the founding fathers are not glorified, but humanized, and made to be just as vulnerable and uncertain as they were bound to be in reality.


Hamilton Isn’t Even That Good

What’s the big deal with Hamilton? I remember everyone raving about it when it just came out. Five years later, I still hear great things about it. And, after the photos of Lin Manuel Miranda biting his lip surfaced, and the entire internet came together to bully him for a few days, all the curiosity I had for Hamilton immediately came flooding back. So, when I heard Disney+ was releasing a recorded session, I was instantly intrigued.

It was terrible. I have to admit there were some catchy songs that I had to add to my playlist, but they were dull most of the time. The plot wasn’t awful, sure. However, since Hamilton is a musical, undeniably, the songs were the central part of the performance. The music was essential in controlling the way the plot moved along. So, no matter how genius the storyline was, the quality of the music overshadowed everything. 

I had to take breaks in between because it was too painful to watch in one take. Hamilton was a disappointment.


Toilet Paper: Over or Under?

The correct way to hang the loose end of toilet paper has always been and forever will be, over the rest of the roll. If you dangle your toilet paper underneath, then you’ve been living your life wrong. From your seat on the toilet, it’s impossible to see where the loose end is when it’s hanging under the roll. This usually forces you to blindly reach for the free end. If this happens in a public restroom, then there’s a considerable chance that your hand will touch the bathroom wall. I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure there are all kinds of cooties that you do not want to be coming into contact with on a public bathroom wall. However, when hanging over, the loose end is always in plain sight. This automatically makes it much easier to grasp. And honestly, it just looks better when it’s hanging over. Help yourself stay cootie-free by always having your toilet paper hanging over.


Marvel vs DC

Superheroes are loved and idolized all around the globe. They are presented in the media as individuals who go above and beyond to save or help others, even if it means risking their own lives. There are many studios in the entertainment industry that specialize in producing content with superheroes, but none have been more successful than Marvel and DC. These two studios have a very special rivalry with one another, and people within the superhero fan base chose a particular side in this struggle. Some people might believe that DC is superior to Marvel; however, it is quite the opposite because Marvel has proved to be more successful.

One of the reasons that Marvel is better than DC is because Marvel Studios simply produces better crossover movies than DC. DC’s Justice League turned out to be a massive failure due to its horrible attempt at humor which ultimately resulted in leaving much of the audience cringing. However, Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War successfully used humor by having characters such as Iron Man and Star-Lord apply sarcasm in their conversations, which left the audience in joy and laughter. The success of this movie was expected; the sequel, meanwhile, was even more successful, raking in a total of 2.798 billion USD. Ultimately, Marvel simply surpasses DC in many different ways and this is only one.