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The Mattel Convention


I don’t often hate-watch things, but the Republican National Convention has been an exception. I haven’t seen it in its entirety, of course, as a person can only consume so much misinformation. There is much to be said about this circus. I could go on and on about how the Republican Party has completely rewritten the history of the coronavirus pandemic or the blatant violations of the Hatch Act. However, the thing I found most fascinating was the slate of nearly all-white speakers who were conventionally attractive. First was Donald Trump Jr’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, who was perfectly manicured and quite literally shouted down to Americans over the successes of her boyfriend’s father. However, Guilfoyle was very much the exception from the never-ending line-up of blue-eyed blondes in their lavish dresses who were either married to a Trump or working for one. The male speakers, excluding the president’s family and old donors, were no different with congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn looking like a handsome Ken. This is the diversity that the GOP wanted to show off to the nation, gorgeous Americans ranging from all different colors — dirty blonde to platinum blonde.


An “Edit Tweet” Button Would be Silly


Almost everyone who has Twitter thinks it is fantastic. The app is funny, surprisingly essential in the world of politics, and useful in keeping up with your favorite celebrities’ lives. But a surprising number of people seem to complain about Twitter’s tweeting system. Twitter only allows for Tweets with a maximum of 280 characters and gives the user no way to edit their tweets after sending them out. Nearly everyone has complained about the lack of an editing feature because of how incredibly easy it is to make a typo or grammatical error that only sticks out after the tweet is out. 


Twitter has made jokes about including an edit button, showing that the platform knows what the people want, but are unlikely to ever deliver on the edit button. But those two changes would directly contradict the purpose of Twitter.


Twitter serves to show an insight into its users’ thoughts. That is why the character maximum is relatively low. Users are not supposed to post matters that require entire paragraphs to explain, despite many using Twitter for this exact reason. They are supposed to pull out Twitter and quickly jot down any striking thought they had. This gives typos and grammatical errors a charm to the tweets. The tweets feel more raw and personal because of their imperfection. Twitter will never give users an edit button because the platform realizes that, although the lack of editing power may feel inconvenient, the app would not be the same with that power.


Disney+ or Netflix?


The need for entertainment has grown during recent times, and countless people have turned to streaming services. There, people can immerse themselves in the four fictional nations presented in “Avatar: The Last Airbender” or gain knowledge by watching documentaries. While the amount of streaming services is growing, the most popular among them are Netflix and Disney+. Between the two, I think many can agree that Netflix is the better service. While Disney+ gives everyone a sense of nostalgia for old Disney shows and movies, Netflix does the same but also provides more mature shows and films for all audiences.


Another thing to take into consideration is the targeted audience. There is not a lot of content teenagers can watch in Disney+ except the older shows, musicals, and Marvel movies. On the other hand, Netflix offers its subscribers more options, including a variety of content for teenagers. Overall, the range on Netflix is enormous, while Disney+ is confined to only Disney-owned titles, and while that list is extensive, it cannot compare to Netflix.


Family Guy Will Never Compare to The Simpsons


Two of the most popular TV shows, The Simpsons and Family Guy, have always had constant humorous and playful tussles with each other concerning which of them is better. However, only one show can be better, and that award goes to The Simpsons, because of several elements regarding their production team and characters. Family Guy’s repetitive gags and stories cannot compare to The Simpsons’ classic jokes and episodes, and iconic characters and quotes. Family Guy usually flourishes off politically incorrect jokes, while The Simpsons often consider political correctness to better their show. The Simpsons also do a better job of caring about their audience’s opinions compared to Family Guy. While The Simpsons removed their character Apu due to racial stereotypes, Family Guy tends to emphasize the appearances of their characters that offend people, which could be both comedic and problematic for their show. The stark contrast in how the two shows handle offensive content makes The Simpsons a more respectable program.


Characters play a large part in deciding which show is superior. In Family Guy, many of the most popular names, including Meg, Quagmire, and others only provide one running joke throughout their screen time.  Quagmire is always addicted to different activities while Meg is bashed on by various characters, both of which become less funny when they are overused during the series. Not only does The Simpsons have more iconic characters and a more respectable production team to please their audience, but they also have a higher overall rating due to these elements compared to Family Guy.


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