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Horror Is The Best Genre

Do you ever stay up late at night watching shows and movies, or maybe even reading books because you’re bored and can’t fall asleep? I find myself doing that way too much. No matter what, I always go back to the same genre: horror. Horror is by far the best genre ever created.

When you watch a movie, you should look for something to take you out of the real world so you can relax and unwind. Horror allows everyone to do this though incredibly scary creatures that make us thankful that we do not live in the movie universe. The adrenaline starts pumping, and it is like you are on a roller coaster. It is exhilarating.

The horror genre is also a two for one genre! If you do not get scared easily, then there is no reason to fret as horror can also double as a comedy for you. Throw on an old school slasher movie and have yourself a crack at all the dumb decisions the movie characters make, like splitting up and going into the dark, scary cave. It could even be thrilling to watch and see what you would have done differently if you were in their shoes. Maybe you would survive that horror movie. 

Watching horror movies is age-appropriate for everyone, well, mostly. Just remember that nothing in the horror movie is real, and I promise you will love it way more than some cheesy rom-com. Can cheesy rom-coms scare your girlfriend into holding your arm tighter and scooting in closer? No, no, it cannot.


Meta Dialogue Is Awful

I watch many movies and TV shows, so over the years, I have noticed a good number of things that bother me if I see or hear them. These pet peeves don’t go against the writing’s strengths or overall quality of how cinema is presented. However, these pet peeves annoy me a lot and make me think about how I dislike them much more than any average person. One of these annoyances is meta dialogue.


These days, many TV writers use meta dialogue to make their show seem unique and real. Drama television shows are typically the genre that implements meta dialogue into their scripts. For example, after someone dies in a drama show, another character will say, “I can’t believe this has happened. This isn’t some TV show where characters can come back to life”. This type of dialogue serves no narrative purpose, and I don’t understand why anyone would write it. 


Is the line supposed to be funny? Even if so, it distracts from the actual emotional aspect of the scene. Is that line supposed to tell me that characters cannot come back from the dead? Based on the tone of the show, I should already know if character revivals are possible. Meta dialogue does not make shows feel unique anymore since so many of them use this type of writing. Also, no human being speaks like that in real life, so horrible meta dialogue just ruins the audience’s immersion in the show. 


Whenever meta dialogue pops up in shows or movies, I look around in confusion and cringe. There is no good reason why any writer should use it: it’s distracting, confusing, and unnatural. When you hear this type of dialogue for the first time, maybe you smile and think, “that was cute.” But the more you listen to it, the less you like it, and it just becomes annoying.


The Nintendo Switch is the Best Console Ever!

Throughout the last few decades, many gaming consoles have been released. Some examples include the PlayStation, Xbox, various Nintendo consoles, and many more. Out of all these game consoles, only one is superior. That console, of course, is the Nintendo Switch. When I say that the Nintendo Switch is one of the best consoles out there, I really mean it. 


The reason why I enjoy the switch so much is that it is transportable. You can’t carry an Xbox console or a PlayStation wherever you go, since they require a TV to play. With the Nintendo Switch, though, you can play whenever and wherever! To a friend’s house, to the store, on a plane the list is endless! There are also detachable joy-cons,  so you can play with friends and family. The Nintendo Switch is the perfect mixture between a Nintendo DS and the Wii.


Another reason why the Switch is the best is that there are so many enjoyable games. You’ve got games like ARMS, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and many more. There is also Nintendo Labo where the console will interact with the things you build. For example, if you were to construct a piano, the console would make it feel like you are playing a mini piano. Another example of things that you could build with includes the fishing rod, which will make it feel like you are fishing. 

You would be crazy if you still do not believe that the Nintendo Switch is better than Xbox or any other console for that matter. It may be expensive to purchase but, believe me, the cost is worth it.


Why Madden 21 is Doing Horrible Right Now

Throughout the years, Madden has always been the best football video game, having amazing card art designs as well as fun game play. However, this all changed. Now Madden has gotten their worst user rating with only 13% satisfied. If you compare that with Madden 16 which had an 89% rating as well as 4.1 / 5 rating from Gamestop, there’s a lot of features that have changed.

It all started with a seemingly small yet significant change in Madden 18. In Madden, there is a popular mode known as Ultimate Team, where you are able to earn and purchase players and then use your team to go up against online opponents. In Madden 17 and all other previous Madden games, an elite player’s rating was considered 85 and higher. However, in Madden 20, EA decided to make an elite player an 80 overall and higher. This was a surprising change, but it was not a shocking one. 

Madden 19 implemented a system known as training that would enable you to upgrade your Madden players overall. This would also increase its overall performance. Players were outraged as it would take the skill out of the game. However, EA did not listen and only taunted the loyal fans by adding another shocking system in Madden 20 known as X-Factors. 

At first glance, it would seem reasonable as you’re now able to add abilities to your players, improving their gameplay. But that’s before you realize the fact that EA does not know the definition of “improvement.” One ability known as Escape Artist makes your quarterback run like Michael Vick. Another ability known as “Mossed” literally means you got a free catch over 50+ yards even if you were triple covered! It got to the point where all you needed was a quarterback that could scramble and a good receiver to win. In addition to this, Madden 20 had little to no content for ultimate team players to get new players on their roster. 

I wish EA would remember how good their football games used to be and bring them back to their former glory.