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Picture by Melissa Canales

Snoring is the Worst Sound in the World

Imagine, it is 1:30 A.M.; you just turned in your last math assignment. And you finally sink into your cold and comfy bed. You close your eyes, but then “Zzzz.” Your bed starts shaking, pots fall out of the kitchen cabinets, and the house begins to rock side to side. It is your dad snoring.


Snoring is the worst sound in the world; it is the leading cause of “all-nighters” and eyebags. Snoring risks sleep, which is the most critical eight to ten hours of the day. Sleep helps your muscles to relax, calm your brain, and allows you to dream about unicorns and rainbows. However, the terrible “Zzzz” prevents all of that. 


Also, the most annoying part of snoring is how irregular it is. Snoring occurs at different intensities and changes speed. It is impossible to create a beat or rhythm while listening to it. Instead, there is a pause of anticipation about when the next snore is coming. Moreover, the worst part is every time there is a long pause in between a snore, you assume that the snoring is finally over, but it just gets louder. 


Also, snoring is unavoidable. Most people plug their ears or press a pillow to their head, but nothing can get rid of the sound. You cannot stop a person from snoring unless you wake them up or move ten blocks down the street. 


So, snoring is the worst sound in the world. Not only is it loud and prevents sleep, but there is also no cure. Furthermore, the most dreadful part of snoring is going through it every single night. 


Vans or Converse?

The world of fashion and footwear has changed rapidly with the new onslaught of social media. Nowadays, seven-year-olds have iPhones and thirty different Pinterest boards to fit each of their “aesthetics.” When I was seven, I wore mismatched socks with various holes and Taylor Swift shirts. All of that aside, fashion is important to everyone, and with that comes brand showdowns. Vans are marketed as skate shoes for the edgy teenage boys who do not respect their elders. However, Converse’s target audience is the kids who are far too cool to listen to anything mainstream and probably have a record player from Urban Outfitters. It has come down to a “pick your fighter situation.” You are either an, “I have not touched a hygiene product in months,” Vans wearer, or an, “I am so caffeinated that I cannot see straight,” Converse wearer. Obviously, anyone in their right mind would rather drink iced coffee than smell terrible, so Converse is the clear winner. Unless of course, you are a blonde boy named Kyle, then Vans work for you, I guess.


Wax Warmers are Nice, but Candles are Great

I recently purchased a wax warmer for myself, and while I feel like I invested in a product I love, the simple ol’ candle holds a special place in my heart.


It has been about a month since my purchase, and I have discovered that the little wax cubes last longer than the wax within a large candle. The cubes of wax are also considerably cheaper than a full candle. I also do not get yelled at if I leave my wax warmer unattended like I did with candles. 


Lighting a candle makes the caveman part of my brain happy since I created a small, harmless fire that can have varying scents like lavender and vanilla. With the wax warmer, all I have to do is flick the switch on, which makes me feel like I did not do anything. I need to feel included in the process of producing the good-smelling fire in order to be happy. 


I am perfectly satisfied with my scented wax warmer but do I miss the slight glow and the warmth it made me feel? However, the wax warmer is nice since my little sister cannot blow it out like she would with my candles. I would definitely recommend the warmer for those who do not like a fire and the serotonin lighting a candle provides the brain. 


Birthdays During Quarantine

Many of the usual activities that we would partake in during a birthday party are now very or entirely restricted because of the coronavirus, making birthdays feel a lot less special than usual. It is a bit of a bummer to celebrate your special day without all of the people you were hoping to spend it with, but the best option is to make the best out of the situation.


Although we can barely interact with each other in person, that does not mean we cannot wish each other a happy birthday over social media. Birthdays are very special to people and only occur once a year, but it is still not worth putting your health and the health of others at risk. If your birthday does happen to occur while we are in quarantine, which it almost certainly will make the best out of your special day even if there are many things we cannot do.