Hoodies: the Best Clothing Item Ever — Ashlee Guardado

Hoodies are the best clothing item ever. They are comfortable, keep you warm, and are perfect for retracting your arms into the hoodie, which is fun to do if you get a size too big. 

With jackets, you have to deal with the zipper. There are days when a zipper will not cooperate and refuse to zip up. I can’t say how many times I zipped up my jacket, and the zipper would randomly not zip but either get stuck or zip up one side. It is frustrating! You don’t have to worry about a zipper not working correctly with a hoodie. All you have to do is pull it over your head, through your arms, and down your torso. Boom, you’re done. 

Letterman jackets look fantastic and are iconic within high school movies and shows. You probably think of athletes wearing letterman jackets when you think of high school. However, the price for one is costly compared to a hoodie. Depending on the company and print, a hoodie will average around $35—some cheaper, some pricey. For a letterman jacket, it can cost about $200! The QHHS letterman jacket costs $195 and an additional $30 when adding a hood. If you are purchasing the varsity pack, it will cost $309. Yes, it’s higher quality, but I would rather wear a hoodie that costs less and provides me a hood regardless. 

That leads me to my next point, hoods. With hoods, you can cover a bit of your face and keep your ears warm. Why buy earmuffs when a hoodie can do the same thing? Hoodies also have pockets to carry items and put your hands in to keep warm. Overall, hoodies are superior to other types of jackets, and I will always prefer them over any other type of outerwear.


Comfortable Shoes Over Dress Shoes — Martina Brajanovska

It is way more important to wear a comfortable pair of shoes to a school dance than to wear nicer and dressier ones. When going to a school dance, you will be on your feet and dancing with your friends the entire time. So when it comes to the choice of nice shoes or just a pair of sneakers, just go with the sneakers.

For one, a flatter, more comfortable pair of shoes will not hurt your feet while you are dancing. Many times, dressier shoes are made with lots of straps or with stiff material, which makes them hard to break into. Not only will your feet hurt while dancing, but they may also hurt for weeks after the event. A comfortable pair of shoes will prevent this pain.

Second, a simple pair of sneakers is less expensive than a nicer, more expensive pair of dress shoes most of the time. There will also be many more chances to wear a pair of sneakers than to wear fancy shoes. The advantages are clear. A cheap pair of sneakers probably goes better with your outfit than extravagant, expensive shoes that you most likely will never touch again after that night.

These reasons all point to one final conclusion: wear comfortable shoes! It will save you many troubles in the long run and make you glad that you did. Be smart and do not break the bank or your feet. 


Why Dr. Martens Is the Best Shoe Brand — Preslee Adams

Shoes are an essential part of an outfit, and they can ultimately make or break it. There are many factors to consider when buying a pair of shoes, such as style, comfort, colors, etc. When it comes to Dr Martens, they factor in all the aspects of a good shoe, making them the best footwear brand today.

To begin, Dr. Martens are not only cute, but they can work with any outfit. Whether you want to keep it casual or dress it up, they have a wide range of styles to choose from that allow you to accommodate your shoes with any outfit. You can choose from boots to Oxfords, and from funky soles to platforms that give you a couple extra inches of height. The options are virtually endless with Dr. Martens.

Additionally, once you break them in, they are incredibly comfortable. The first few wears of Dr. Martens always seem miserable; however after you break them in, the leather molds perfectly to your foot, becoming a custom shoe made just for you. The insoles of Dr. Martens also provide an extra level of comfort that satisfy your everyday shoe needs.

Conclusively, Dr. Martens are guaranteed to last you a lifetime because of their quality. Other boots are quick to wear out and are not as practical, but Dr. Martens are quite the opposite. The quality of the leather along with the intricate craftsmanship that goes into every shoe is what allows for them to last so long, making the price tag worth it. 

Though Dr. Martens may seem unnecessary due to their price and the pain that comes with breaking them in, I can assure you that they are some of the best shoes that have ever been created.


Are Fake Shoes Viable? — Nilesh Kumar

Many say that shoes are an essential part of any outfit and are the first thing people notice. With the market for high quality and good-looking shoes skyrocketing because of the increasing popularity of streetwear, many people can’t afford the shoes they want. The reselling market has created a situation where the most popular and sought-after shoes sell out within 30 seconds, and resellers increase the prices by two or three-fold, which leaves the most sought-after shoes for people with the most money. However, following this trend has created a massive market for replica shoes, which have the same aesthetic but at a fraction of the price.

Replicas are a viable option, as it allows the average person to wear whatever they feel comfortable in and enjoy the most, without breaking the bank. As the replica market increases, the difference between replica shoes and an authentic pair is negligible, as only very hardcore “sneakerheads” who inspect every tiny detail of the shoe will be able to tell. For an average person walking by, they’ll never be able to tell the difference. In all, people shouldn’t have to spend a fortune on pairs of shoes and should feel confident wearing whatever they like, regardless of whether they are genuine or fake.


H&M vs. Zara — Syed Islam

In the 20th century, fast fashion stores took the world by storm due to their inexpensive and trendy clothing. Currently, two of the biggest fast fashion stores in America are H&M and Zara. These stores have provided their customers with what was expected of a prime fast fashion store. H&M has provided a cheap alternative to many expensive clothing pieces while sacrificing quality. Zara has managed to find the perfect middle ground to serve high-quality, trendy clothing. Many might be inclined to believe that H&M is superior to Zara due to their meager prices, but Zara’s unique taste in higher quality clothing makes up for their prices.

The clothing that Zara releases is usually different from what is currently available in other stores. Zara produces the basics such as jackets or sweatshirts and has unique adaptations of essential pieces such as color-blocking sweatshirts instead of the usual single-color sweatshirts. The quality of the material for their basics is also far superior to H&M’s materials. Clothing pieces from Zara can last years; however, H&M pieces would deteriorate in a few months due to the cheap quality.