Food Was Not Created Equal

Burgers Are Not That Good

Burgers are known as an American staple. People tend to barbecue hamburgers throughout summer, especially for the Fourth of July. I, on the other hand, think that they taste gross. Put down your pitchforks; you’ll soon be agreeing with me on this one. Burgers just taste like flavorless meat. In-N-Out, McDonald’s, Burger King, and any other burger place serve the exact same beef, and it is gross.


First, hamburger patties are just ground beef in a disc shape. The difference is that regular ground beef has flavor while hamburgers are just pure meat with salt and pepper sprinkled on top. No matter what condiment or vegetables you use, it tastes the same. Secondly, there are a lot of calories in burgers. An In-N-Out burger contains about 400 calories in a cheeseburger. In a McDonald’s cheeseburger, there are about 313 calories. The beef patties alone rack up about 204 calories.


Overall, I will always dislike eating burgers and will never understand why people love it so much. It tastes like absolutely nothing, and it isn’t a healthy item to consume. Sure there are healthier burgers that have fewer calories, but they still don’t taste good. I will stick to eating hotdogs and tacos when the Fourth of July comes.


If You’re Going to Drink Soda…

As you are in the drive-through of the closest possible fast food place to your house, you contemplate one of the most critical life decisions you’ve yet to make. Do I want Pepsi or Sprite? The cranky teenager at the other end of the window honestly couldn’t care less what you get to drink; they are simply there because, apparently, playing video games doesn’t “count as a job” to their parents. But to you, this decision is everything. The answer is obvious to the more intelligent amongst us: Sprite. Yet, some people continue to struggle with this decision! Granted, a nice dehydrating Pepsi does sound good at the end of a long day. However, Sprite’s versatility makes it easily superior. Sprite can morph itself into whatever drink you want, given the right ingredients. Want a Shirley temple? Add some grenadine. Feeling fruity? Add whatever juice you’d like! The infinite options Sprite offers are unmatched. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and try to add orange juice to your Pepsi, tell me how you like it. Sprite’s incredible versatility makes it the most consistently delicious and obvious choice when it comes to tooth-rotting soft drinks.  


Is a Hotdog a Sandwich?

What defines a sandwich? Is it a filling with two pieces of bread holding it together? If so, why isn’t a hotdog considered a sandwich? Well, let me tell you, a hotdog is NOT a sandwich. While the two are similar, it is clear a hotdog is in its own category. No one looks at a hotdog and thinks, “Oh, I’m going to eat this sandwich.” They consider it in its own grouping. 

Structurally, these two differ significantly. A sandwich is made up of two exterior parts, and the assembly is done horizontally with the plate. In comparison, a hotdog uses a literal “hotdog” bun and a sausage. Therefore, these two foods, while alike one another, are not the same. People who love to argue about such a trivial thing don’t see the obviousness in itself. If one might still believe so, are we to go so far as to say a hotdog is a taco?


Boba Is Overrated

The popular tea-based drink known as boba tea has seen a major increase in popularity amongst Millennials and Gen Z. Many people enjoy the drink so much that an abundance of boba tea shops have opened near campuses and in cities. The drink itself consists of boiled tapioca pearls (known as boba) and typically a milk tea base. Despite the hype, boba is overrated since the tapioca pearls themselves, don’t add much to the drink and aren’t anything extraordinary.

The milk tea that goes into the drink is delicious but doesn’t have that much depth of flavor. It is a tea with lots of sugar to make it taste sweet, which isn’t much different from the average soft drink. The boba that goes into the drink is merely a “squishy ball.” It mildly changes the texture of the drink but hardly contributes to the drink itself. Also, the multiple types of tapioca pearls that try to compensate for the lack of flavor, often degrade the drink as many will pop and cause an unpleasant texture. The difference between boba tea with and without boba is minimal, which makes boba an overrated drink.


The Superior Juice

Apple juice is by far the best juice out there. The flavor is delightful compared to the sour taste of orange juice or the bitterness of tomato juice. Why would you want to drink something acidic and pulpy with your bacon and eggs when you could have the sweet nectar of a deliciously refreshing apple? When you crave something sweet but don’t want the super unhealthy factors of drinking a soda, apple juice is the best option. I absolutely love apple juice so much and you should too.


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