Consideration from the Kitchen

Pineapple is the Best Pizza Topping


Nearly everyone can agree that pizza is delicious. It is easily accessible to all and makes the perfect meal for parties and other large gatherings. However, this Italian dish has sparked a great debate on what does and does not belong as a topping. Though many would argue that pineapple is disgusting on pizza, I believe that pineapple belongs on pizza. In fact, pineapple is arguably the best pizza topping.


Pizza can sometimes be overwhelmingly salty and greasy, almost to the point where it can become unenjoyable. The pineapple’s sweetness helps balance out the saltiness of the cheese and tomato sauce, creating a perfect match. Sweet and salty flavors pair so well together because the salt enhances the sugar, and vice versa, so it is hard to see how pineapple would not pair so well with pizza.


Furthermore, pineapple pairs well alongside many different toppings. From chicken and ham to olives and mushrooms, pineapple almost always works with any other toppings you choose. It is incredibly versatile, making it the perfect addition. Don’t be shy, eat some pineapple pizza the next time you go to order a last-minute dinner.


Electrolyte’s Greatest Drink


Though some may disagree, the best Gatorade flavor by far is Lemon-Lime. The hydrating and cooling taste when taking a sip is like no other drink! Of course, there are many other Gatorade flavors, but they aren’t as refreshing as this one. Not only are the other popular Gatorade drinks such as Glacier Freeze or Fruit Punch too watery, but the overall taste just can’t compare the perfection of Lemon-Lime. Perfect for sports or sickness, Lemon-Lime is definitely the most delicious and tastiest flavor out of all of them.  If you’re looking for a flavorful and thirst-quenching refresher, Lemon-Lime Gatorade is the perfect drink.


Ditch Diary, Drink Oat Milk


Recently, I decided to stop drinking cow’s milk. I would always buy lactose-free milk because I am lactose sensitive, but after making the shift, I can definitively say that oat milk is so much better than normal cow’s milk. First things first, oat milk is good with everything: smoothies, coffee, cereal. Since my favorite cereal is an odd blend of honey bunches of oats and some other grains, oat milk perfectly complements my cereal. 


It’s also a good alternative for people who want to stop drinking milk for dietary reasons or maybe just because they don’t want to consume animal products. And unlike almond milk or cashew milk, oat milk is friendly for those with nut allergies and doesn’t have as large of an effect on the environment. 


On top of that, oat milk is easy to make if you don’t want to pay for readymade oat milk. It’s just water, oats, vanilla, and sugar. If you’re looking for chocolate milk, just throw some cocoa powder into the blender as well. All in all, if you’re looking for an alternative for cow’s milk, I urge you to try oat milk.


Mayonnaise Melodies


There are over 1,500 different types of musical instruments in the world, but somehow mayonnaise isn’t one of them. According to Squidward Tentacles, mayonnaise is not an instrument. However, Webster’s Dictionary defines a musical instrument as “a device used to make music.” If society considers running a finger over the tops of various glasses filled with different amounts of water a form of music, then there is no reason why a jar of mayonnaise cannot be seen as an instrument.


I wouldn’t consider myself a professional musician, but I do know that there are several ways that mayo could make music. For example, dropping the condiment’s container makes a drum-like sound, and slapping the jar’s surface would make thumping noises. You could even scratch the cover, or smack mayonnaise with a spoon. Merely opening the jar provides a tune. If you’ve taken mayo lessons before, you could even put all these sounds together to create a beautiful mayonnaise melody. Patrick Star never got the chance to share his mayonnaise-playing talent, but society should realize that music just isn’t music without a little mayo.


Why Metal Straws Will Never be a Solution


Metal straws are useless in the current state that we are in. As long as plastic straws remain in circulation, then metal straws fail to protect animals from plastic adequately. If the primary purpose of metal straws is to reduce plastic straw usage, then easily accessible plastic straws would undermine the use of metal ones, especially when their plastic counterparts are convenient and cost-efficient. Let’s say someone were to forget their metal straw. They would likely use a dangerous plastic straw out of convenience. Banning plastic straws is the only way we will see a significant impact.


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