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Syed Islam
Hello, my name is Syed Islam and I am a current sophomore attending QHHS. This is my second year in Honors Journalism, and from my experience in this class last year, I love it. I am going to continue writing for the Arts and Entertainment section of the Ubiquity this year as I had done last year. Just one year in journalism drastically improved my writing skills.  My writing is no longer bland and uninteresting as it was before I had joined Journalism. I still hope my writing will improve even with the current pandemic and major changes we are facing in school. I am also an honors student who loves to challenge themselves by taking multiple AP classes. Outside of academics, I also enjoy sports. I play tennis for the Quartz Hill High School Tennis team and I also enjoy watching basketball. My favorite article from the Ubiquity website is Brian Kim’s AP World History Review. As a former student of the class, I understand his frustrations and his point of view concerning the course, even though the hard work does pay off in the end. So, that’s only a little about me, check out the work that I will be publishing this year!


9.28.20 Update

Hey there! We are now six weeks into the school year and I can officially say that online learning is not the learning experience I prefer. During this school year, I can certainly say that online learning is very different from the learning experience that we are all accustomed to, but it’s also somewhat fun since it’s different. Currently, I am still loaded with tons of work from my other classes since I am taking multiple AP classes, and anyone that takes AP classes knows the pain. However, when I do have free time, I like to spend it watching shows. Currently, I am in the midst of finishing Lucifer on Netflix, and I plan on starting Cobra Kai, which was recently added on Netflix.

Syed Islam, Staff Writer

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