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Hi there! I am Nilesh Kumar, a sophomore and writer for the sports section of The Ubiquity. Most teachers and staff know me, I’m another member of the legendary “Kumars” and am commonly referred to as “Pranesh’s brother.” I'm a pretty basic high school student-athlete. I played soccer and volleyball for the school and club soccer on top of that. I also participate (rather participated) in quite a few on-campus groups, serving as a Multicultural VP and a member of a lot of other clubs. In my second year of Journalism, I hope to improve my writing skills and foster my passion for writing. I’m excited to continue producing quality articles for the newspaper!


9.28.20 Update

Hey everyone! I hope you’re doing well and staying safe. Sophomore year for me honestly hasn’t been too difficult, and I’ve been enjoying the process, despite my inconsistent - and really messed up - sleep schedule. Not too much has been happening in my life, except for my soccer practices resuming every Tuesday and Thursday, which made me realize how out of shape I’ve gotten since quarantine started. On Labor Day weekend, my family and I went to Mammoth Mountains, where we did a lot of hiking and took a nice break from our stressful school lives. Though, when we went, it was extraordinarily smokey and looked almost as though we were on a different planet. In terms of recreation, I started two new animes: God of High School and Seven Deadly Sins, both of which are really good and I highly recommend them. In all, despite our busy and quarantined high school lives, I’m still pushing through, and I’m excited to keep producing articles for the QHHS Ubiquity!

Nilesh Kumar, Staff Writer

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